freedom of speech means you can steal money from unsuspecting people haiku

Kevin Trudeau

“aids is a hoax”
natural cure for diabetes
Trudeau’s newsletter

“the sun does not cause cancer
sunscreen is one of
the major causes”

five hundred dollars
for a lifetime membership
what an idiot

how can you tell
this guy is a sociopath
convicted of fraud

the 1990’s
credit card and larceny
sued by FTC

instead of PAYING
he joined a pyramid scheme
pleaded poverty

living lavishly
no fear, thinking he’s so smart
out of their playbook

Trudeau said
pharmaceutical companies
don’t want you to get well

this may be the only
truth he has ever uttered
in his whole life

but you don’t either
you could care less what happens
you want their money

net worth ten million
or is it thirty seven
only hairdresser


Punku, 6-10

Garden Path


Although murderous,
sin fails to describe,
the praying mantis.


Doctors with good
bedside manners tend
not to lose patients.


The myth of college
cannibals is they only
eat raw-men noodles.


The waiter asked if
I wanted mussels –
dinner was awkward.


If Grease is next to
Turkey, then where is
the Mashed Potatoes?

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he’s on her head

very far away
in the month of october
silly one fishing

she has no spider
instead she’s wearing black horns
and so i ask her

didn’t you have spiders
on your head last year
yes, but i have horns now

such a funny sight
wearing black horns on your head
standing by the sea

mr. mullet waves
telling me his name is bill
all three octobers

and i never knew
he tried to rent my condo
asking three people

potato chip man
holding one in his fingers
enticing the birds

seagull in charleston
scratched me once for doing this
eighteen fiance’

are you singing cat scratch
fever in your head right now
because i am

Cat Scratch Fever

“i think i got it
they gave me cat scratch fever
he gave me the cure”


dolphin du soleil

waddling high vertex
lone mallard secret service
follows next to edge

twinkling midnight blue
sea so calm only one wave
smooth dots glistening

three dolphin heave to
now four playing front row view
stay here forever

thought you heard a seal
for a long time at the pool
now you see a dog

on his father’s leash
not familiar with the sea
sits on his blanket

he does not know yet
barking and pacing will not
stop the ocean’s wave

Rich Little of seals
he’s so fun to watch but not
as much as dolphin

need eyes on both sides
dolphin twirling having fun
dolphin du soliel


on american soil, haiku tv twenty four at your front door

“ask for viagra
would you rather curl up with
a man than a book”

“from a magazine
not the internet he’s old school
i respect that”

“i’ve put too much time
into this relationship
to just walk away”

7 years old / The Middle

“don’t want to sleep
next to you for eternity
may i be so bold”

Suzie / Curb Your Enthusiasm

“gardening isn’t
about where we choose to live
how we choose to live”


“so sad not to have
a cocktail in your hand
every time he comes by”

Gilmore Girls

“if you see
a half girl half duck walking around
that is my sister”

The Middle

“an american
has been killed on foreign soil”
hear this all the time


palm tree confidential

three different birds
having conversations with their own
exact same time

newsworthy chirping
about the weather tomorrow
cool front times three

“when did you get back
asking two years in a row
having never left”

elderly guru
volunteer gardener genie
slumbering difference

his magic makes
roses,oleander and azaleas
form hot pinks

which causes birds
to sing constantly, drunk
squirrels become suicidal

(I Found The Old Way
will i remember how
this the only question)

if doing the same thing
over and over was wrong
would not see me

haiku apology before haiku

if your name is levy
windows xp has an ax
to grind with you

if you remember
the death of windows XP
the haiku j’accuse

i am sorry to everyone :the reader has a mind of its own. the last 6 pages of edith levy, i find the next day.they weren’t there the night before, …and the other day , i found deb levy at twitter & realized it wasn’t in the reader either.. i accidentally find about 6 people a day … petescribes from 6 days ago…everything is 6 now…but i have no idea how many i am missing, so just punch me or something…and now, yesterday’s aranislandgirl at twitter…like the man said it was only going to get worse.

“moses closes red sea
on three shepherds after parting
second time”

The Arm Chair Pontificator
“bitter ben doesn’t
come into your forest
don’t come into his house”

Bitter Ben

“my mint and lime
body wash smells like i showered
with a mojito”

Hugh Clark Hunter
i would like to know
which worm told you that he does
not like to eat salt

“i don’t really speak worm
but his body language
said it all really”



P.S. i accidentally found drafts, but don’t know what i did ? i cannot use the new write a post .. before today, you could click the pencil at the top right & write the old way & find drafts on the left side of page.

the new way you cannot edit ,no categories ,or comments, so i deleted what i wrote asking for help, because no one can answer & who would see it, if there’s no button for categories…

i’m asking here, because i can’t spend 5 days again, like when the notification button stopped & finding the question for several years & no answer.. threads stop & answers for brain surgeons, when all i needed was charly saying type the words: wordpress/notifications….

on who to pray for

Leonard Durso

There is a post on facebook going around now with, as of this moment, 109,701 likes and 82,579 shares. The post reads: “SHARE AND PRAY FOR THE CHRISTIANS IN SYRIA!”  Then when you click on it, it reads: “ISIS terrorists have now captured Christians in Syria and told them that if they don’t deny their faith they will be decapitated and their children ‘burned alive in cages’. We must stop the ISIS terrorists!”  I found this somewhat disturbing for one reason but then after reading many of the comments made by my fellow Americans, I was beyond being disturbed and found myself shifting between anger and sorrow. But first, the primary reason I was disturbed in the first place.

Why does it take the threat of beheading Christians who won’t convert and the burning of their children in cages to get people in America angry? Where have these people been?…

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coincidence nine trillion and one

you feel like
you are in a bruce willis movie
“time is upon us”

three times in two days
something takes over t v
“time is upon us”

expecting a picture
washington monument
bruce willis just days

one of the die hards
not the first and not the last
“time is upon us”

We Will Not Be Writing You In Prison,Robert Durst Arrest Haiku

or Out of your own mouth II

burping and twitching
“you were right and i was wrong”
“killed them all of course”

microphone in bath
maybe he forgot again
talking to himself

why not he murdered
all of his friends in the world
susan and kathleen

too late for morris
he cannot be tried two times
get him for these two

person who wrote that letter
you said one was you

other exactly
and in real life the police
already have you

thought you were so smart
marriott trying to run
and now YOU’RE IN JAIL

(what a wonderful day
for judge jeanine pirro
chasing him a toast

i’m going to chase
my hawaiian punch and a
toast with ginger ale)