Durst , Out of your own mouth

you have murdered three
could not even be polite
your mother-in-law

what a narcissist
in your own words for two hours
you aren’t interested

what she has to say
who gives a flip what you want
she gave you your wife

you have no manners
rude evil sociopath
only two hours

didn’t want children
only wife’s undivided
or you would divorce

caught stealing sandwich
“wanted to see if you could
get away with it”

murdering three
not enough to get away with ?
we’ll see you in _ _ _ _

“he didn’t ask us
he kinda fibbed for himself”
an understatement

“i think she’s almost
definitely dead but i don’t
know that she’s dead”

“i did not kill
my best friend i did dismember him”
are you kidding ?

here are my two words
isn’t it time for this

“nobody tells the whole truth”
how do YOU KNOW
what everybody does ?

when asked if his father
thought he killed kathy
answering in haiku

“i haven’t the faintest
idea i highly highly
highly doubt it”

you know what i think
you are an evil b _ _ _ _ _ _
and that’s the whole truth