twenty one ,fun and festive, haiku tv

“they’re very festive
i don’t know what kind of guy
you’re going after”

she jumps off ski lift
cannot be alone with a man
almost sundown

kosher breast implants
her father thinking they might
help her social life

larry disagrees
thinks they should be smaller
and other mishegas

Larry David / Curb Your Enthusiasm

they all look alike
alligators and crocodiles
am i racist

“i’m watching oprah
waiting for my aha moment
and you’re not it”

Mike and Molly
“the only way
your mother can deal with pain
is to spread it around”

“and don’t get used
to me looking like this because
i can’t afford it”

The Closer
” a woman who had
her face severely bitten
by a man on bond”

Commercial for news
“if you’re a jerk wad
who always has to be right
this isn’t for you”

“you probably
already know you have the right
to remain silent”

Law and Order


22 thoughts on “twenty one ,fun and festive, haiku tv

    • lol..hey the comment line came back by itself…i had to go read it. i don’t remember.the dr. who performed the surgery was jewish, really….and he said it was kosher to use larry’s money to buy whatever he wanted , instead of fixing his car, larry hit.

      thank-you TACP

    • At the risk of taking a joke seriously, I could imagine that animal-based products might go into making breast implants, and that the way the animals harvested for that might be of interest to someone observing the dietary laws pretty strictly. I don’t know that anyone would, but I can imagine the reasoning that if you put it into your body, even if it’s not by eating, then dietary rules matter.

      • you know what, i was thinking about the implant itself like you & i was very sleepy,when answering TACP…but, she was orthodox & of course i know you are not allowed to harm your body in any way & there is also the matter of her child breast feeding…(.i mean this boy wrote on my arm in pen, in 9th grade & that is forbidden…he was a baptist’s minister’s son, so not for him)…
        it definitely isn’t kosher…it’s forbidden…unless, there are medical reasons,like cancer or something…i have no idea what i was thinking , when i wrote that, except i was being as ridiculous as larry david.

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