haiku twenty two tv is free

some jewish guy
“trying to imagine lady gaga
as a nun”

I wonder
if christian guys imagine women
as matzo balls

“lady guinevere
who was that Knight i saw you with
early morning”

“i threw her a straight line
she got a laugh with it
and then i proposed”

George Burns

“i should have been
a kosher butcher like my brother”
he was a moil


“remember the time
we put our nickel together
and bought nothing”

Ray Barone

“doesn’t it make you
feel good to know there’s a place
to go when you’re scared”

Marie Barone
“well i have been taken
for ronnie’s sister but
never his brother”

Gracie Allen
“i have nothing to do
with my boss’s daughter’s
boss’s sweet sixteen”

The Nanny

“move to las vegas
get a couple of tigers
start a magic show”

Mike and Molly