imbecilic beach commercials / here’s an idea

{visit a forest
look on so and so dot org
find forests near you}

just get in your car
and drive down any highway
THAT is a forest

a better idea
waiting for next commercial
live through a snake bite
(we’re going backwards
last dumbest commercial first
last night in first out)
{have a tea party
with your daughter while wearing
wife beater tee shirt}

they want to tell men
to play with their children
alright to beat your wife

very important
men with long hair and tattoos
someone thinks they’re dumb

people are hitting children
or there wouldn’t be crime

a bad example
of why i hate commercials
this one makes good sense


36 thoughts on “imbecilic beach commercials / here’s an idea

  1. Yes, that’s it. Duh, you lost me there but now I’m found. great show. I think of it often when I drive up the back of my house and see some of the sh*t laying around. And then i come here and get another trip down memory lane. anyway, I must look for reruns or something.

      • Their house was like a salvage yard or something, memory fuzzy. Lamont was his name, and Fred. Almost said Weezie, that’s moving on up or something other show.
        Our yard not like that really, I just tease my hubs because he leaves things lying around and it is better than nagging. He doesn’t know the show, so it isn’t as much fun as i’d like, the teasing that is.

      • i can’t believe this.. that’s exactly what i did.. i said i’m coming to join you wheezie & then i knew that wasn’t right, so i had to go look it up…why i said somebody..
        if it ever comes on here, i’ll have to tape it & send you vcr

      • ha, ha, vcr, funny. I just played the theme song on youtube. Maybe even some shows there but damn it’s late here. Working on overdue sewing tutorial blog. Mr. Jefferson I think. What a coincidence. I really got to go to bed. Now that song is in my head.

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