haiku apology before haiku

if your name is levy
windows xp has an ax
to grind with you

if you remember
the death of windows XP
the haiku j’accuse

i am sorry to everyone :the reader has a mind of its own. the last 6 pages of edith levy, i find the next day.they weren’t there the night before, …and the other day , i found deb levy at twitter & realized it wasn’t in the reader either.. i accidentally find about 6 people a day … petescribes from 6 days ago…everything is 6 now…but i have no idea how many i am missing, so just punch me or something…and now, yesterday’s aranislandgirl at twitter…like the man said it was only going to get worse.

“moses closes red sea
on three shepherds after parting
second time”

The Arm Chair Pontificator
“bitter ben doesn’t
come into your forest
don’t come into his house”

Bitter Ben

“my mint and lime
body wash smells like i showered
with a mojito”

Hugh Clark Hunter
i would like to know
which worm told you that he does
not like to eat salt

“i don’t really speak worm
but his body language
said it all really”



P.S. i accidentally found drafts, but don’t know what i did ? i cannot use the new write a post .. before today, you could click the pencil at the top right & write the old way & find drafts on the left side of page.

the new way you cannot edit ,no categories ,or comments, so i deleted what i wrote asking for help, because no one can answer & who would see it, if there’s no button for categories…

i’m asking here, because i can’t spend 5 days again, like when the notification button stopped & finding the question for several years & no answer.. threads stop & answers for brain surgeons, when all i needed was charly saying type the words: wordpress/notifications….


57 thoughts on “haiku apology before haiku

  1. Greetings
    Wordpress has gone very strange, I understand what you are going through, I click on Word press, then go straight over to the left and click on my site, that comes up, I then click down to WP Admin, then the whole system we knew comes up, I go down to Posts and it comes up all posts, I click that and can go back to all my old posts, I choose the one I want, upgrade it, however thats where it stays, it doesn’t allow you to save to draft. I am still having trouble too, however I found if you go to the original post, down at the bottom, it may say reblog, but I also found, if you look at your site and that original blog, at the top it has the words reblog, thats how I do it, but remember one thing, if you want to change the content or add to the content, you must go back to the original post in archives, change it there and update, it wont allow you to publish, but go back to what I mentioned earlier, then go to my site, find the blog, bring it up and up the top is reblog, hope this helps, but it’s bloody confusing.

  2. Did you figure out the WordPress stuff? I think they’re making lots of changes right now… I did like reading your creations here. Your poetry on Twitter made me laugh the other day, which is why I retweeted it šŸ™‚

  3. Sorry to hear of your misery. My worst is that everythiing in Reader is there twice. Now I see it is better than not there at all and I won’t complain again. So flattered by worm conversation above. *A proud moment* Wish I could help make your techy pain go away. Just when I think I know my way around WP, it all changes. šŸ˜¦

  4. Did you happen to see my Spring “Ode to Green,” Errin Spelling? I know Jonathan re-blogged it. Your poem is so great and hope you have a wonderful first day of Spring. both of you! Smiles!

  5. Glad you found me again, your poetic protest at your WordPress issues made me laugh, but of course it is deadly serious that your stuff is not posting properly and if we can’t be found then how can we be read. Have you tried using a different browser like Google Chrome, a lot of people have had trouble with functionality on some versions of Internet explorer. Good luck šŸ™‚ and keep writing šŸ™‚

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