september wind breezes end haiku

beautiful seniors
in their bikinis they shine
enjoy september

oceanfront pizza
pie and surrounding beauty
Mr. Who singing

with Frank Sinatra
New York New York can can dance
“in the summer wind”

she’s sixty today
Greenville, S.C.
must lay the slice down

in order to clap
just as much for Greenville as
young woman’s birthday



mark wahlberg racist thug sociopath haiku,i’m being polite

despise mark wahlberg
he apologized to self
for blinding a man

i wrote a long haiku a long time ago and don’t know where it is. so, last night i was getting ready to write this at twitter & apparently something new happened this past december.
originally this racist wahlberg, beat a vietnamese man so badly he blinded him, many years ago.

cnn interviewed wahlberg & reputable news stories all said that mark, the sociopath, had forgiven himself. can you believe this. the poor man suffered every second of his life & not only, does he not feel sorrow & couldn’t be bothered to apologize to the man but has the nerve to say he forgave himself.

how can it get any worse.apparently questionable sources in december are trying to change the facts. also wahlberg would like an apology from the state that imprisoned him.

i do remember this : i will never see another movie he makes & i had probably seen every one, until i learned this. also , i am asked questions every friday & sometimes 5 times a day about whether or not he is a good actor, for the past 11 years, like today.if i guessed 12,000 questions in 11 years ,that would be a low estimate. you can guess what the last 3000 answers were.

because you are a racist
and badly beat a man
is bad enough

for twenty six years
only thinking of yourself
you were not sorry

wish he had sued you
for every penny you made
wouldn’t be enough

wounded warrior
evil warrior who wounds
like you even care


don’t die american pie haiku & don’t leave david letterman

watching letterman
bye miss american pie
the day you were born

mother and father
hardly saying what to do
knowing what to do

when to do home work
brush your teeth before you sleep
please go play outside

okay there was that
“this will be the day that i”
please don’t sing i die

i can understand
i cannot sing anyway
why was i singing

so i always stop
just when they get to that part
the day i was born

maybe i’ll sing that
because it is my birthday
and on other days

this will be the day
i make pie , i cannot lie
bake an apple pie

let’s ask dave’s mother
what kind of pie did she bake
cherry billy boy


earth day duck beach pool haiku

a woman laughing
she sounds just like a duck
highest balcony

please look to your right
pierre floating in six feet
get off of the rope

phrase you never stop hearing
pierre loves the rope

one man lies in sun
pierre swimming by himself
earth day everyone

for thirty minutes
in the middle of the pool
owning each april

boss of all bosses
even man with hamburgers
does not disturb duck

secret service ducks
having a very hard time
wind blows bread far right

one in every crowd
although he is by himself
he loves his chlorine

temperature rises
seventy six five p m
seventy three day

duck is deep in thought
maybe writing a haiku
fast moving water

how does duck stay still
when the current is so strong
blue shining ripples

he has crossed the rope
heading straight for the ladder
sipping the chlorine

sitting on the rope
little bit ocd duck
back and forth he goes

he’s swimming around
the octagonal edges
and then duck jumps out

give him nine point nine
his happy tail is wagging
trying to dry off

remember last year
as soon as he was dry, man
walks by , jumps back in


comedians to fear ,after being on law and order haiku

afraid of Whoopi
after she leans in to Big
then she says “LAWYER”

with those big glasses
foster machete mother
run away screaming

there was chevy chase
playing part of mel gibson
“vino veritas”

don’t care what they say
they’ve been using real cases
sometimes three in one

of course they change crime
but even a third grader
can figure this out

casey anthony
melinda duckett, ray rice
anna nicole smith …

martin short scares me
smiling, choking through jail cell
robin williams too

susie will scare you
whether on larry david
or law and order


i will never like another pancake haiku as long as i live


the next thing i knew
post liking pancake haiku
he asks for nude pic

should i have sent him
a pancake with no syrup
maybe he meant this

this place called twitter
who knows what will happen next
sent my niece haiku

king charles spaniel niece
Savannah from atlanta
she’s a southern belle

yell at criminals
avatar pyramid scheme
send them to prison

stock broker follows
for no apparent reason
from greenville s.c.

tell me what are odds
greenville and a stock broker
father volunteer

everyone waited
for the broker to go home
then called my father

asking him stock quotes
after father retired
volunteer broker

hello paine webber
every time he retired
went to the market

taking me at one
to hornblower and weeks
“horace hates errors”

written on my pen
should have sold it on ebay
learned who horace was

of course a haiku:

” let them hate me as
long as they fear restrained
mockery of horace”

85-8 BCE
john forestar


vitamin D light delight until a yellow boat appears haiku

you ask yourself which
vitamin is the most fun
and most beautiful

banana boat
attacks you in the sea
floating away from anchor

stopping many surf boards
talented of all the toes
this just too big

searching for a guy
usually four in bright suits
banana white hair

see that he’s reading
woman runs to him pointing
can’t go left or right

join U S navy
rubberized ducky boat girl
learn to tie some knots

you will surrender
take me to your leader
top banana of all

until mr. m
taps you on the head, it isn’t
rosh hoshannah

prefer red test line
only eleven days left
september fish men

sea concession stand?
shore bird munching on cheetos
he’s done this before

where did you get these
would love to join you mr.
crunching in the surf