catching an early wave with ringo haiku

didn’t say swimming
i said i went in the ocean
different story”

“six o clock in the
morning invigorating”
bone chilling haiku

“you will be up at
three a m in a couple of years”
his wife said

back on track people
not here to reminisce
about old hurricanes

we’ve already missed
three weeks of mr. mullet
you know he’s out there

off to the sea
they always say have a good day
like going to work

cotton pickin ocean
how can it be anything
but wonderful

do not tempt sea nyph
they could swallow you whole
or sunburn one’s tushie

“too too tootsie goodbye
too too tootsie don’t cry”
where did you come from

Ringo’s father
the same pattern of behavior
every single time

he jumps in the pool
six feet straight down like a bullet
sits wooden wall

middle exactly
beach towel hanging from neck
smokes bad cigarette

walking up tiki
from there it’s a mystery
need to know basis

perhaps slow gin fizz
or queen elizabeth’s sister
bloody mary