vitamin D light delight until a yellow boat appears haiku

you ask yourself which
vitamin is the most fun
and most beautiful

banana boat
attacks you in the sea
floating away from anchor

stopping many surf boards
talented of all the toes
this just too big

searching for a guy
usually four in bright suits
banana white hair

see that he’s reading
woman runs to him pointing
can’t go left or right

join U S navy
rubberized ducky boat girl
learn to tie some knots

you will surrender
take me to your leader
top banana of all

until mr. m
taps you on the head, it isn’t
rosh hoshannah

prefer red test line
only eleven days left
september fish men

sea concession stand?
shore bird munching on cheetos
he’s done this before

where did you get these
would love to join you mr.
crunching in the surf