mark wahlberg racist thug sociopath haiku,i’m being polite

despise mark wahlberg
he apologized to self
for blinding a man

i wrote a long haiku a long time ago and don’t know where it is. so, last night i was getting ready to write this at twitter & apparently something new happened this past december.
originally this racist wahlberg, beat a vietnamese man so badly he blinded him, many years ago.

cnn interviewed wahlberg & reputable news stories all said that mark, the sociopath, had forgiven himself. can you believe this. the poor man suffered every second of his life & not only, does he not feel sorrow & couldn’t be bothered to apologize to the man but has the nerve to say he forgave himself.

how can it get any worse.apparently questionable sources in december are trying to change the facts. also wahlberg would like an apology from the state that imprisoned him.

i do remember this : i will never see another movie he makes & i had probably seen every one, until i learned this. also , i am asked questions every friday & sometimes 5 times a day about whether or not he is a good actor, for the past 11 years, like today.if i guessed 12,000 questions in 11 years ,that would be a low estimate. you can guess what the last 3000 answers were.

because you are a racist
and badly beat a man
is bad enough

for twenty six years
only thinking of yourself
you were not sorry

wish he had sued you
for every penny you made
wouldn’t be enough

wounded warrior
evil warrior who wounds
like you even care