me neither bitter ben ides of march and no birthday cupcakes haiku

“ever have a day
everything goes your way
feel you can do no wrong”

“worst time 1:38
too early to fake work
too long from lunch breaks”

“after winter
Bostoners won’t have anything
to complain about”

“i don’t always tweet
but when i do i almost
always go on just

“why not a t-shirt
that says kick me i’m irish
for me to give out”

“so wearing purple
keeps you just as safe as green
st. patrick’s day right”?

“my favorite
amendment is the fifth , your right
to remain silent”

“i’d be okay
if NSA & Obama
were reading my tweets”

(“they would be the first”)

“i wouldn’t even watch
for the commercials or
halftime tornado”