quack for quacks haiku

catch and release crab
vegetarian method
blue crab fisherman

he is a good man
it would be funny if he
lived in maryland

both he and the crab
came to s.c.
to catch each other

pierre is so calm
“i bet you think this poem is
about you don’t you”

really and truly
giving ducks animal crackers
with their pictures

sneaking up on ducks
while they’re swimming in the pond
came a different way

animal crackers
need to be softened and wet
no time for fly zone

some will fly three feet
having no patience or time
can’t hold their horses

tomorrow may first
you can hear tribal drumming
ducks have left the pool

one gentleman said
they love to swim every night
think they own the pool

you could not tell him
having just written yourself
not the only one

he thinks like duck too
“wouldn’t that be loverly”
profession for quacks


rose petals almost touch the sea II haiku

Elissa breaks free
runs back to the baby pool
jumps in and gets wet

his family left
he was having none of this
fish out of water

and now duck hour
mallard in a fast paced race
racing against self

the pool is his life
hiding behind azalea
quacking up a storm

he came for mrs.
both fly over the sea oats
time to fly a kite

“i feel the earth move
under my feet i feel the sky
tumblin down”

stalker is stalking
leaves a pet rock at the door
four hours sleep stomps

restraining order
then she’s offering doughnuts
and the haiku back

can’t hit the ceiling
too many nails point inward
only jump sideways


hot pink rose petals line the tide haiku

beached jellyfish two
along with bright red apple
sukkos again may

fallen orange peel
dolphin engaged in wedding
pink rose petals lie

only twelve inches
will be washed away at sea
a sukkot wedding

do not give me t’s
and do not take my s’s
want to say sukkos

it’s apples and oranges
fish celebrating

“go crazy on you”
making me forget my taLe
she’s singing again

kentucky bourbon
alcohol derby and blues
just give us jazz hands

john cocuzzi sings
alexandria king street
except he’s not there

even if he was
building has left the building
you aren’t there either

“i bet you think this
song is about you don’t you”
she’s singing this now

having just written
poem no longer than two days
this song for my duck

how can she still play
“just me and bobbie mcgee
busted my g string”


nautilus shell crawls haiku


like the pentagon
boardwalk an uphill battle
calves having a cow

nautilus shell crawls
pushing out his purple lid
splash down astronaut

crawling back and forth
you are attached at both ends
back and beach you walk

wishing i could help
if you can just speak english
how you fit inside

the waves cover you
you always float back to me
a ballet of shells

seriously, how
did you fit inside that tiny
little shell man

mr. and mrs.
mallard are getting ready
jump into the pool

she may just fall in
sipping water over edge
there she goes again

following closely
never lets her out of sight
less than six inches

just like our neighbors
he would never let mrs.
out of sight too long

four houses away
thirty years right down the street
she came to borrow

very soon after
the entire family
would be at our house

ducks are so silly
and cuckoo for cocoa puffs
go buy some chlorox

it will be dark soon
mosquitoes will bite fingers
perfumed soap moroons


pyracantha duck tail tale haiku

a wild duck frenzy
drugged pyracantha berries
try to knock you down

mallard bites his wife
chasing, her tail in his mouth
spits three feathers out

not letting her eat
what an abusive husband
don’t have his ducklings

seriously, one
duck running down the sidewalk
didn’t know they ran

ducks spot two year old
his mother calling him the
pied piper of ducks

we have had enough
mallards behaving badly
someone make a film

pampas grass hairdo
resembling a pineapple
think it will grow back?

abacus pool rope
people enjoy doing math
except bitter ben

somewhere in my home
my mother’s bracelet fell off
not in bed this time

if i see a whale
i will run away like duck
and almost as fast

living at the sea
what’s the probability
of seeing the whale

dolphins pay a dime
a dozen although they will
“give you true lovin”

captain and tennille
“you better (not) shop around”
in sickness and health

beautiful sea and then haiku

all the shades of blue
clear, midnight aqua ,sunshine
paradise of blues

swaying with the wind
palm tree ,azalea, sea oat
tail feathered bird brains

duck offers pate’
hunter’s stew made of hunters
join duck for dinner

took an ugly turn
bernie madoff and isis
recipe next show

dine on the evil
peterson dessert parfait
drew scott and michael

a million palm trees
amazing ocean colors
happy birds chirping


atlantic sea’s duck kamasutra playful penthouse haiku

one night in penthouse
which hangs between two hotels
eleven thousand

has seven bedrooms
comes with a personal chef
a pool on the roof

no one below you
just the air that you breathe
ten invisible floors

swim up to the bar
at the outdoor hotel pool
always soft drumming

take elevator
your private pool on your roof
above your penthouse

one point five million
should you choose to own condo
live there forever

now mrs. mallard
bobbing for apples deep end
wagging like a dog

head under chlorine
happiest tail in southeast
neck kamasutra


shades of the sea haiku


cardinal rules
host and hostess of the pool
duck at other end

darling come sit here
dining room table movies
when tables are long

little bird join me
have our detangling party
you can build a nest

please go fly a kite
i’m not the welcome wagon
bumper stickers stalk

war on poverty
do something good with your life
war on poetry

beautiful shades
put these in your crayon box
colors of the sea


okefenokee sea haiku

travels over creek
six mallards only one wife
keep baby shells warm

from your right window
mother tiny baby ducks
next to salt water

and your tram sounds like
it’s a small world after all
everything so blue

mallard guards his wife
she protects her baby ducks
from turtles and fish

cooters pop to edge
see if you baked any bread
no fear of humans

babies love sidewalks
need baby duck crossing sign
everyone slows down


a trip to paradise for sale or lease haiku


furnished beach condo
one thousand dollars each month
six months or longer

non smoking indoors
one hundred steps to the sea
you can ride the tram

blue granite kitchen
air conditioning is new
new appliances

a quiet top floor
parachutes drift in the sky
your living room view

seven outdoor pools
beach club ,tennis ,ducks ,putting
indoor pool also