what did you get for your birthday at twitter not paine webber haiku

favorite cramer
he liked ish kabibble cat
that was the best gift

if you could only
somehow make lucent go up
back to ninety three

only twenty thousand loss
ninety three even

then zvi hershcovich
my father would love your name
liking bay of pigs

two fifteen a m
robert durst likes your haiku
in what universe

his picture pops up
now i know this can’t be true
i’m not fond of him

he uses a gun
at least there is no torture
not like mark wahlberg

but for a second
if prison gives him twitter
i would be angry

so it’s his fan club
manners prohibit remark
forty one people

time to geh schlafen
jack the ripper in london
not any other

have fewer nightmares
when the bee gees follow you
as you awaken

*yiddish : go to sleep = geh schlaffen