hot pink rose petals line the tide haiku

beached jellyfish two
along with bright red apple
sukkos again may

fallen orange peel
dolphin engaged in wedding
pink rose petals lie

only twelve inches
will be washed away at sea
a sukkot wedding

do not give me t’s
and do not take my s’s
want to say sukkos

it’s apples and oranges
fish celebrating

“go crazy on you”
making me forget my taLe
she’s singing again

kentucky bourbon
alcohol derby and blues
just give us jazz hands

john cocuzzi sings
alexandria king street
except he’s not there

even if he was
building has left the building
you aren’t there either

“i bet you think this
song is about you don’t you”
she’s singing this now

having just written
poem no longer than two days
this song for my duck

how can she still play
“just me and bobbie mcgee
busted my g string”