quack for quacks haiku

catch and release crab
vegetarian method
blue crab fisherman

he is a good man
it would be funny if he
lived in maryland

both he and the crab
came to s.c.
to catch each other

pierre is so calm
“i bet you think this poem is
about you don’t you”

really and truly
giving ducks animal crackers
with their pictures

sneaking up on ducks
while they’re swimming in the pond
came a different way

animal crackers
need to be softened and wet
no time for fly zone

some will fly three feet
having no patience or time
can’t hold their horses

tomorrow may first
you can hear tribal drumming
ducks have left the pool

one gentleman said
they love to swim every night
think they own the pool

you could not tell him
having just written yourself
not the only one

he thinks like duck too
“wouldn’t that be loverly”
profession for quacks