parting of waves haiku

covers her tummy
her red hair covers her face
phone is underneath

how not to get burned
maybe you should try the shade
louey whiter than

floats and umbrellas
no more swimming for duckies
people overtake

“way up to the sky”
chatty seagulls flying high
flight conversations

echoes far away
wind blowing surf arriving
quiet silence breathes

and we’re walking fast
exercising in the pool
stops to talk with her

either side of rope
how many conversations
the rope keeps silent

why are we freezing
weatherman can’t get it right
no it’s not eighty

seven m p h
my dear great aunt bertha no
more like twenty five

heck of a difference
hell of a day inside sir
go down to the sea

egyptian moses
you want me to do what sir
the parting of waves


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