bikini soleil haiku

he blows up a float
the driver thinks his golf cart
is having problems

there’s air at the pool
just like a filling station
you don’t have to blow

drive slow see city
drive fast you will see our jail
fifty five the law

it’s bikini time
don’t forget the solarcaine
if they still make this

coppertone puppy
not flying high in the sky
attached to airplane

Lee’s Inlet Kitchen
airplanes pulling coppertone
the duck has landed

quietly in pool
swimming laps made me forget

The Gay Dolphin store
things that have never changed
seventy years Lee

mullet jumping high
their way of giving high fives
possibly finger

foot long hot dog stand
wondering if Lum’s would sell
tofu long hot dogs

duck has had enough
he flew to the pool next door
wanted a high ball

Let’s do the twist Duck
oh ,you want a twist of lime
my mistake Ducky