from ringo the sea dog to stewie haiku


passenger ringo
he doesn’t wear a seat belt
slippery golf cart

how does he do this
i am constantly sliding
holding onto seat

high flying white kite
tail jiggling heebie jeebie
herbie hancock kite

baby on shoulder
woofs holding onto mommie
thinks he’s a baby

drove to mc donald’s
to pick up a midnight snack
no dog home alone

remember stewie
Family Guy left him home
went on vacation

job at mc donald’s
he ate all the hamburgers
so they fired him


a trip to paradise for sale or lease haiku

last chance 6 months or a year: 1000.00 also includes electricity,wireless,cable, water, phone,sleeper sofa,1 1/2 baths, i bedroom…..(weekly vacations start at 670.00 same condo) north myrtle beach



furnished beach condo
one thousand dollars each month
six months or longer

non smoking indoors
one hundred steps to the sea
you can ride the tram

blue granite kitchen
air conditioning is new
new appliances

a quiet top floor
parachutes drift in the sky
your living room view

seven outdoor pools
beach club ,tennis ,ducks ,putting
indoor pool also


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