confederate flag vacationing north myrtle 44 chairs haiku

sounding like a gun
M eighties at 4:30
you owe me sixteen

four nexium flew
and of course tranquilizers
really needing one

a lady asks me
if i want her to help me
picking up the pills

boards where people walk
silly ocd question
thank-you of course not

daylight moon shining
red helicopter with a sign
does a loop de loop

reverse flying high
silver plane above the moon
or so it appears

confederate flag
half past marker 44
no good evil klan

i stand there staring
the flag is sitting alone
for twenty minutes

four coolers of beer
two blue, red and corina
should find a lighter

the bastards came back
staring twenty more minutes
at their stupid flag

five real big tough guys
at least five other people
one comes down half way

intimidate me
trying as hard as he can
not moving muscle

finally he leaves
they send a twenty year old
a hard yellow ball

that game in the sand
still staring at stupid flag
one hand on my hip

“is something wrong or
are you just staring at us”
like he doesn’t know

while glaring at him
i’ll stand where i damn well please
he can’t see me glare

wearing sunglasses
should have thought of an answer
before being asked

if they don’t want peeps
to stare ,then why do they have
that stupid flag there

a black grandmother
walks by with her granddaughter
she said do not look

those stupid bastards
ruining vacations at beach
almost at the top

african american
do not worry child

they take the high road
say jerks have freedom of speech
always taken this high

you take the high road
end up with isis and klan
sick of the high road

security guard
he doesn’t know which is worse
those who fly the flag

or the ones who say
that they do not understand
thinking the flyers


donald trump is nothing but a criminal from way back haiku

in only one crime
stole from 5000 victims
forty million bucks

twenty five percent
ten million was his profit
five after taxes

you have to be bad
for attorney general
to go after you

sued him for forty
then he sues for one hundred
this is his M.O.

i’l get even more
on top of my other crimes
by counter suing

sham for profit school
why isn’t he in prison
students defrauded

call this bait and switch
reason neglected license
knew school illegal

he promised a three day seminar at his fake school , he never showed up: his school had no license.his school is now shut down.. every time he does something bad, he counter sues, for even more..he did this again ,last week. his instructors didn’t even have any real estate knowledge..

listen to this, he stole 36,490.00 from art cohen for this 3 day seminar.only a sociopath can talk you into this, pyramid scheme like crime…now there is a class action lawsuit…again 5000 people gave him money. do you really believe this is his first crime…he must have a thousand attorneys helping him with all of these lawsuits against and for him.

only a charismatic sociopath can separate you from so much money and have people listen to him.
i hate sociopaths and i cannot believe this criminal is allowed on every cable channel all day & night and accuse anyone else in the world of being a criminal!!!

if he isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. he’s the criminal. why are criminals allowed to run for president. personally ,i believe most people elected president are sociopaths ,like george bush or they become one after elected. sociopaths say what you want to hear & then do whatever they please. they don’t care about anybody but themselves & that’s why the market crashed, everyone lost half their money, many lost homes & why we have isis.

obama went to play golf , after the most horrific crime , i cannot even write.i don’t know if it’s because he’s a sociopath or because he was told to look like he doesn’t care for the terrorists sake.

but i do know , the only reason donald trump has any money is because he has been stealing & telling lies his entire life.i know that as well as i know my own name & it’s very painful to watch him get away with this.and of course , he is a racist: at least people see that.

this is my favorite: donald said “he gets along with putin” . trump gets along with a murdering psychopath . think about that. and he is proud of this, and stupid enough to announce this to cnn, like it’s a good get along with him, because you are like him. of course it’s very possible they don’t even know each other and another lie.

trump told anderson cooper ,he gives money to democrat and republican lobbyists to buy favors

“donald trump doesn’t
even believe everything
donald trump says”

(from a talking head, on CNN)
he said this , because donald said mexicans will vote for him. i say , you can watch him make up lies in 1 second during interviews.anyone who has taken their business from him , is wrong & he will sue them or say big deal.
i knew it was peanuts, before he said the money was peanuts.this miserable excuse for a human should be in prison.

legally haiku and harry is a shark

sharks will keep biting
telling us their opinion
confederate flag

an expensive jog
one thousand plus entourage
chasing after you
(David Sweat)

“killer chocolate cake
wife would kill me if she knew
it’s high in sugar”
(Law and Order)

twenty five year life
one hundred out in the sea
how is that equal
(Sea World – Whales)

they kill killer whales
take babies from their mothers
mom cries forever
(Sea World)

tower of babel
all whales from different countries
don’t speak same language

this is not a joke
apparently like people

they fight and draw blood
not happy in tiny pools
they die from battle

their fins flop over
only one percent in wild
many at sea world

their dark containers
remind me of harry p.
Avatar’s Master

float in a coffin
he lives near orlando too
two peas in a pod

harry palmer cult
pyramid scheme criminal
harry writes haiku

just like donald trump
the second sociopath
in as many days

“isis is building
a hotel in syria
competing with me”

having lost harry
I forgot to write it down
don’t know where it was

starting his own scheme
he left scientology
keep profits himself

keep the piano , lose the g string haiku


could you imagine
a world where country music
would not bother you

even the blue sea
palm trees swaying in the breeze
child’s laughter in pool

hot dogs getting tans
chatter from the tiki bar
lying in the sun

white poodle pooling
has he seen a pool before
dog is not impressed

how did she carry
a piano up the stairs
helicopter lands

“my love deep blue sea”
sounds sounding much better now
“you love to love her”

“will you ever win
she will promise you heaven
would you ever try”

mellow month of may
having never had one day
for rich or for poor

i just wrote mellow
and then she started singing
“i feel the earth move”

de de de de dah
a new bird morse code signal
haven’t translation


yoda stopped by haiku

“i’m lying in bed
with a beautiful woman
who can quote yoda”

the big bang theory
never know who will drop by
leonard to penny

after i wrote this
picture of yoda pops up
yoda spoke to me

the force be with you
i had to leave off the may
it started with may

thank-you for the wish
can use any good wishes
every single one

ABC off air
CW took over
The Middle is lost

strange phenomenom
a little bit upsetting

wrote silly haiku
and the next thing that you know
HTC answers

they’d love to help me
they think this is a fun game
and write a haiku

can you believe this
cable company answers
AND they write HAIKU

you don’t wait all day
your window is ten minutes
wrote me THREE haiku

and they were funny
a delightful company
extremely funny