legally haiku and harry is a shark

sharks will keep biting
telling us their opinion
confederate flag

an expensive jog
one thousand plus entourage
chasing after you
(David Sweat)

“killer chocolate cake
wife would kill me if she knew
it’s high in sugar”
(Law and Order)

twenty five year life
one hundred out in the sea
how is that equal
(Sea World – Whales)

they kill killer whales
take babies from their mothers
mom cries forever
(Sea World)

tower of babel
all whales from different countries
don’t speak same language

this is not a joke
apparently like people

they fight and draw blood
not happy in tiny pools
they die from battle

their fins flop over
only one percent in wild
many at sea world

their dark containers
remind me of harry p.
Avatar’s Master

float in a coffin
he lives near orlando too
two peas in a pod

harry palmer cult
pyramid scheme criminal
harry writes haiku

just like donald trump
the second sociopath
in as many days

“isis is building
a hotel in syria
competing with me”

having lost harry
I forgot to write it down
don’t know where it was

starting his own scheme
he left scientology
keep profits himself