confederate flag vacationing north myrtle 44 chairs haiku

sounding like a gun
M eighties at 4:30
you owe me sixteen

four nexium flew
and of course tranquilizers
really needing one

a lady asks me
if i want her to help me
picking up the pills

boards where people walk
silly ocd question
thank-you of course not

daylight moon shining
red helicopter with a sign
does a loop de loop

reverse flying high
silver plane above the moon
or so it appears

confederate flag
half past marker 44
no good evil klan

i stand there staring
the flag is sitting alone
for twenty minutes

four coolers of beer
two blue, red and corina
should find a lighter

the bastards came back
staring twenty more minutes
at their stupid flag

five real big tough guys
at least five other people
one comes down half way

intimidate me
trying as hard as he can
not moving muscle

finally he leaves
they send a twenty year old
a hard yellow ball

that game in the sand
still staring at stupid flag
one hand on my hip

“is something wrong or
are you just staring at us”
like he doesn’t know

while glaring at him
i’ll stand where i damn well please
he can’t see me glare

wearing sunglasses
should have thought of an answer
before being asked

if they don’t want peeps
to stare ,then why do they have
that stupid flag there

a black grandmother
walks by with her granddaughter
she said do not look

those stupid bastards
ruining vacations at beach
almost at the top

african american
do not worry child

they take the high road
say jerks have freedom of speech
always taken this high

you take the high road
end up with isis and klan
sick of the high road

security guard
he doesn’t know which is worse
those who fly the flag

or the ones who say
that they do not understand
thinking the flyers