8:40 haiku moon

blowing round and round
ceiling fans on every floor
lights shining outside

chasing purple light
some Kat shining a flashlight
every condo floor

and now a lantern
orange lighted flying high
appearing in sky

floating by all eyes
a little girl’s voice saying
hey there’s a lantern

thought an alien
or an alibaba drone
lesson of lantern

higher and higher
bird sanctuary breezes
destination waits

blast of fireworks
missiles try to catch lantern
aladdin escapes

ooh and ah, clapping
one after another pop
high tide on the beach

sky lantern rising
white cloud orbits around moon
above the ocean


last straw plantation PTSD

it was about 7:30 & the ocean breeze was the best it had ever been .so i left, before anyone pulled out a cigarette and ruined it. there was a lot of noise like people throwing a sofa, sounding like it was coming from the roof. it was nothing like the noise from above the tennis villa , since feb 1st . turn the tv louder to mute . some idiot banging on my outer door that has a chain ,ringing the bell for maybe 20 minutes , until i’m so hysterical i can’t move, because i have ptsd from just that..
i don’t care if the building is burning down: no one has any reason to come to the door,ring a bell, much less that nightmare. and a plane crashed right outside ,i was told ,caught on fire & the whole lodge would go up,he said if it happened closer.

so 3 years ,no one helped me, for 10 months at 2359. every single night , what i think was a man stomping every two hours all night . the only time, i could sleep was when he went to play golf. the floors are a nightmare.
you aren’t allowed to make noise after 11 pm…the security guards wanted me to email & wake up
person who rents condos at 3 am & every time , he was stomping, which was every night & ridiculous, but nothing was ever done for 10 months, just a runaround.

*then in #2346 ,for an entire winter,i had to be woken every day, no rain, from 9 – 5 or 6 p m by sawing wood outside my bedroom window & hammering & made sick from sawdust then carpet glue ,when the building was practically empty.they have to go outside the sick person’s condo. the sawdust could have killed me. allergic since i was little , before toxic mold. no one cared to even stop the noise.

so i move to a top floor & then later , i bought a top floor for that reason. (millions of baby roaches in the walls that came out every time you turn on water,inside the oven, stove, microwave,everything possible). they are all gone now,unbelievably, but i bought a tennis villa & the lady who sold it to me said she never saw a bug & that it was quiet.
no one lived there & the family that owns it just lets family come.
the next day bugs but , since feb. 1, it’s been nonstop noise for 7 months except 2 & 1/2 weeks. every 5-7 minutes : banging, stomping ,running…. when inside,they never sleep 7 hours.

about six weeks ago ,i sent 3 pages to security .no one would put up with this…
you’re only allowed to complain after 11 pm… i said i’m going to the police if it doesn’t stop.. for 3 days it was quiet. and then all hell broke loose again.

so a new security guard was trying to give me a heart attack tonight. i cannot believe the things i’ve had to put up with 3 years & apparently people below complained of people moving furniture – me. the absolute stupidity. where has he been when i needed him for 3 years & it’s 8 pm…& he was rude & yelly & i was just as smart alecky , b/c he’s the last straw.

i asked him did he really think i was throwing furniture .of all people in the world & i think he did, b/c he said smart alecky well where do i think it’s coming from.
i cried for 2 hours,until i had to get out of here, b/c i’m scared to death again.. he said he has to be able to get in (meaning all guards) i asked him to come in twice & look & he said i’m not coming in…& he told me to turn the tv down. it was to cover the noise & him. so i have to listen to the horrible noise even louder, & he didn’t stop the banging.

my chest hurts badly. i don’t know how many asthma attacks i’ve had today. i went to the gate & the idiot was sitting there & the noise was still here at 10 when i left & i asked why is he sitting there ..why me? why scare me to death & not go stop the noise.

no it’s always me. people do whatever they want to me for 15 years & it ends tonight.. & the other nice guard told me don’t be afraid of him. he’s not going to hurt you..but that’s exactly what he just did & says he will do again..they can’t hear me, but he is exactly what i am afraid of a retired sheriff who tells me ,he has to be able to get in whenever he has to . yet he wouldn’t come in. they say he’ll be in trouble doing whatever he wants & being mean.

i could not be angrier at the 8 pm someone complains of noise & someone actually tried to do something , when i’ve tried to complain 100 times for 1000’s of hours of noise after 11 pm & nothing for almost 200 days . that’s even worse than ptsd & the pain in my chest & throat ,trying to yell at him.
and then he stopped looking for the noise. she said oh we’ll walk up & down until we find it..
i did that myself. you can’t hear furniture outside.
inside is a nightmare and it isn’t paradise if you have to fight the cigarettes to breathe every darn time you walk outside.this is the last place in the world to come if you have breathing problems. i can’t believe the health department lets people smoke IN the pool. one guy in the jacuzzi.

people who live here complain of cigarettes all over their yard & then they say i really have a reason.i don’t think i have ever been outside where they don’t get me. i was ready to leave.it’s pointless.

the cigarettes do
so much more damage than the
ocean breeze does good

i have been accused
moving furniture the crime
retired sheriff

arms hurt bad nine months
can hardly pull my top off
reach in cabinet


12:40 am & bang. nothing compared to the noise above villa.

1:24 a m 2 bangs sounds like balcony door below me , the complainers.

7:30pm bang 8:19 bang 11:47 pm terrible hammering noise

wed 12:30-12: 58 pm dropping furniture banging ; probably housekeeping

hey naked lady haiku

white wrap on her head
as if in a silent film
legs crossed for ballet

a Demille close-up
drone flying over my head
not two hours since

saw you on tv
great white shark in florida
you fly over head

into the ocean
come back on the beach, a square
twenty stories high

against the hotel
looking for naked ladies
all you can assume

they’re no shark in there
stumble upon a wedding
waiting for the bride

boardwalk appearance
thinking about the title
from drone to wedding

the drone heard your thoughts
having lost him earlier
smoke blowing from mouth

again over head
maybe confederate drone
trying to scare me

one eighty degrees
turning green lights to red eyes
eyes staring at me

hovering above
african american
wedding of fifty

he flies over guests
down the beach then coming back
clapping for marriage

did you lose something
father leans over baby
crying in stroller

my hot pink flip flops
he pointed to where they lie ?
three in as many

very observant
eyes in the back of his head
just like great white drone


oreos in the surf haiku

as you walk by him
“you want me to hose you off”
I said no thank-you

what am I saying
of course I would like you to
a drive thru shower

confusion of mind
just coming back from the beach
three people talking

all at the same time
mind empty of oxygen
he’s spraying your toes

the hose is too strong
flip flops flew over three feet
he has such strong hands

no pressure from me
flip flops never run from me
although they just hid

while john was talking
leave it to beaver back sign
resting beneath hair

on your lower back
commenting that’s ingenious
not so ingenious

stolen from beaver
lifeguards take the stand away
so I lost my shoes

finding them in time
for man to blow them away
Chesty’s at the beach

now in eight places
and looking for a girlfriend
figuring this out

don’t look now Cookie
an oreo following
barbie oreo

from bluest sea to night hovering haiku

how blue is the sea
how many different colors
different shades of blue

only white at night
top of the waves flowing in
you never know when

colors burst in sky
martians while you are waiting
kind of like a plane

it isn’t a plane
episode of my three sons
is there a spaceship

crazy round red lights
jesus craft almost touching
flying straight toward you

ooh that is a plane
scaring for one long minute
hovering on sea

when will white stars burst
long streaks of purple and red
“is there glass out here

put your shoes back on
she says there are beer bottles”
corona breaking

so totally dark
not one single flashlight shines
shoes my little girl


Luke I am your father & I speak in haiku


he is luke’s father
“you see that man with the badge
with the silver badge

security guard
he doesn’t like little boys
you come when i call

or i will get him”
lifting luke out of the pool
and right before this

about thirty minutes
you want to take a shower
wanting to hear this

everyone go eat
what i heard was a mother
balcony request

what kind of chicken
would you like from hooters boys
8 and 10 year olds

barbecue honey
like that’s a normal question
adam sandler film

shout from balcony
a woman to two children
hilarious twice

almost solo pool
on the fourteenth floor middle
throwing ice at me

it was only me
possible pebbles from high
you go toward the glass

lady and baby
come out from the indoor pool
no do not come out

was wishing for craig
he came walking down the stairs
just as i said this

they see me pointing
in they go when he comes out
security guard


6 pm after 6 am lovely vacation family haiku

elevator breaths
they’re not whistling dixie
although they’re southern

“you better not come
out tomorrow it will be
one hundred and ten”

hidden far away
three mothers and baby ducks
in plain sight at six

love this family
ten adults at round table
no one is smoking

happily knight them
wondering if king arthur
smoked r j reynolds

two girls holding hands
they’re going to the beach club
north carolina

“i guess i didn’t
laugh very often back then”
she is laughing now

jim came to say hi
“remember us from last year
loud and obnoxious”

i remember kind
“you were writing poetry”
and i was just now

“hope not about us”
eyes in the back of jim’s head
how did he see me

it’s funny because
i was just thinking about
the blender they had

boat motor powered
and know i am not joking
twin yamaha loud

and i don’t know why
not recognizing one face
until he told me

the whole family
came to say hi and goodbye
had just knighted them


6 a m beach haiku I

twenty two ducks dine
direction of the arrow
walking down the street

forgot to press snooze
late mother and four ducklings
crop circles on beach

tire track circles
remembering the police
drove on sand last night

first two dune buggies
badges flash on their shirts
later police truck

also bird foot prints
like when the flintstones bake pies
and now my foot prints

digging a large hole
a man and two teenage boys
fifteen foot circle

the first thing you see
at 6 am on the beach
building a castle ?

you find a flip flop
spending the night in the sea
ten minutes later

his mate floats to me
a photographer poses
happy family

professional man
while he works with the parents
two little boys run

one falls in the sand
of course he’s wearing white pants
they are still digging

guy stands in the hole
almost the top of his legs
then he comes outside

starts digging a moat
all three are wearing black gloves
regular shovels

his belly button
submerged inside outer moat
Rudy runs toward me


sharks steal no swimming sign haiku

sharks knock off at six
everyone’s in the ocean
lifeguards have gone home

you’ll happen upon
two guys from Dirty Dancing
doing the lift scene

and i wasn’t wrong
second attempt is the charm
held for one second

both weigh more than me
two grown men in their thirties
not being funny

it’s all about kites
black remarkably large bird

he’s flying the kite
picks up his three year old son
kite in his right hand

other on his son
then he sits in the ocean
still flying the kite

stands with no problem
how long have we been looking
the wrong direction

a royal blue kite north
resembling an octopus
makes s’s and u’s

very fun to watch
green jellyfish tiny boy
next to each other

a fifteen foot tail
flying high above the beach
S’s next to me

nine thirty so dark
tiny piece of sun so dark
fire in the sky

no it was the moon
hidden behind a white cloud
and rising higher

myrtle beach distance
fireworks fill the night sky
several miles away

each time you look south
u hear a loud whoosh behind
spin like a dreidel

they’re so close to you
you judged the smoke direction
correctly my friend

fireworks above
ten sparklers , five cheerleaders
little boy Rockettes