6 a m beach haiku I

twenty two ducks dine
direction of the arrow
walking down the street

forgot to press snooze
late mother and four ducklings
crop circles on beach

tire track circles
remembering the police
drove on sand last night

first two dune buggies
badges flash on their shirts
later police truck

also bird foot prints
like when the flintstones bake pies
and now my foot prints

digging a large hole
a man and two teenage boys
fifteen foot circle

the first thing you see
at 6 am on the beach
building a castle ?

you find a flip flop
spending the night in the sea
ten minutes later

his mate floats to me
a photographer poses
happy family

professional man
while he works with the parents
two little boys run

one falls in the sand
of course he’s wearing white pants
they are still digging

guy stands in the hole
almost the top of his legs
then he comes outside

starts digging a moat
all three are wearing black gloves
regular shovels

his belly button
submerged inside outer moat
Rudy runs toward me