6 pm after 6 am lovely vacation family haiku

elevator breaths
they’re not whistling dixie
although they’re southern

“you better not come
out tomorrow it will be
one hundred and ten”

hidden far away
three mothers and baby ducks
in plain sight at six

love this family
ten adults at round table
no one is smoking

happily knight them
wondering if king arthur
smoked r j reynolds

two girls holding hands
they’re going to the beach club
north carolina

“i guess i didn’t
laugh very often back then”
she is laughing now

jim came to say hi
“remember us from last year
loud and obnoxious”

i remember kind
“you were writing poetry”
and i was just now

“hope not about us”
eyes in the back of jim’s head
how did he see me

it’s funny because
i was just thinking about
the blender they had

boat motor powered
and know i am not joking
twin yamaha loud

and i don’t know why
not recognizing one face
until he told me

the whole family
came to say hi and goodbye
had just knighted them