Luke I am your father & I speak in haiku


he is luke’s father
“you see that man with the badge
with the silver badge

security guard
he doesn’t like little boys
you come when i call

or i will get him”
lifting luke out of the pool
and right before this

about thirty minutes
you want to take a shower
wanting to hear this

everyone go eat
what i heard was a mother
balcony request

what kind of chicken
would you like from hooters boys
8 and 10 year olds

barbecue honey
like that’s a normal question
adam sandler film

shout from balcony
a woman to two children
hilarious twice

almost solo pool
on the fourteenth floor middle
throwing ice at me

it was only me
possible pebbles from high
you go toward the glass

lady and baby
come out from the indoor pool
no do not come out

was wishing for craig
he came walking down the stairs
just as i said this

they see me pointing
in they go when he comes out
security guard