oreos in the surf haiku

as you walk by him
“you want me to hose you off”
I said no thank-you

what am I saying
of course I would like you to
a drive thru shower

confusion of mind
just coming back from the beach
three people talking

all at the same time
mind empty of oxygen
he’s spraying your toes

the hose is too strong
flip flops flew over three feet
he has such strong hands

no pressure from me
flip flops never run from me
although they just hid

while john was talking
leave it to beaver back sign
resting beneath hair

on your lower back
commenting that’s ingenious
not so ingenious

stolen from beaver
lifeguards take the stand away
so I lost my shoes

finding them in time
for man to blow them away
Chesty’s at the beach

now in eight places
and looking for a girlfriend
figuring this out

don’t look now Cookie
an oreo following
barbie oreo