hey naked lady haiku

white wrap on her head
as if in a silent film
legs crossed for ballet

a Demille close-up
drone flying over my head
not two hours since

saw you on tv
great white shark in florida
you fly over head

into the ocean
come back on the beach, a square
twenty stories high

against the hotel
looking for naked ladies
all you can assume

they’re no shark in there
stumble upon a wedding
waiting for the bride

boardwalk appearance
thinking about the title
from drone to wedding

the drone heard your thoughts
having lost him earlier
smoke blowing from mouth

again over head
maybe confederate drone
trying to scare me

one eighty degrees
turning green lights to red eyes
eyes staring at me

hovering above
african american
wedding of fifty

he flies over guests
down the beach then coming back
clapping for marriage

did you lose something
father leans over baby
crying in stroller

my hot pink flip flops
he pointed to where they lie ?
three in as many

very observant
eyes in the back of his head
just like great white drone