pool hop shark haiku

jazz white bikini
after only ten minutes
rain drops touching face

lasting minuet
balcony reconnaissance
only man and beer

no one is smoking
in the pool just right outside
so close if it rains

you begin choking
just inhaling inhaler
our government banned

are you alright dear
it’s the charcoal smoke blowing
missing golf cart twice

standing inside pool
smoking three long cigarettes
a man at the beach

trying the best pool
no one is allowed to smoke
walk inside there’s smoke

no one is smoking
the pool or the jacuzzi
or standing around

most of the people
looking for shark in the bay
standing on the bridge

no less than a week
“there are no sharks in the bay”
he told his two sons

“the shark has escaped”
while i am writing they shout
and now back to two

found the dumb smokers
blowing smoke inside the pool
sitting at the door

don’t know where to go
what will become of me now
third attack this hour

two police cars sit
they wanted to see the shark
walk over the bridge

two weeks end tonight
our favorite family
“who will never smoke”

the man doesn’t know
there could be sharks in the bay
some call it a creek