return again to central synagogue yom kippur haiku



must have wrong channel
“strolling through the park one day”
yom kippur service

and it isn’t may
then you realize a genius
central park new york

sitting down music
while you are strolling through aisles
catching inside joke

“it’s called erosion”
tennager says to mother
who is the rabbi

a great fear of planes
exactly the way i feel
long lost twin sister

look at the faces
everyone else on the plane
see they have no fear

“i took out my prayer
book and i started praying
like a maniac”

(instead of hotels
they should put prayer books on planes
every religion)

“pancakes and laughing
sun streaming through the window
perfect fakebooking”

“most important thing
is to be yourself unless
you can be batman”

“we are so pleased now
to invite our role models
forward from our school”

rabbis haiku too
hard for you to remember
ocd helpful


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