love of my life


computer screen black
no memory to speak of
repaired for short time

darling fiance
would be no life without you
the love of my life

you said we were closer than ever ,just the other day. you are the most patient person in the world with me. at the beach ,whenever i try to put my sandals back on, when you are ready to go, you always bend down, because you are the only prince charming, and help me put them back on, so i don’t have to bend back down. they say fairy tails aren’t true and then the stories turn out to be scary making the foot fit in the shoe, but you are truly real and the most wonderful man in the world.
and then you carry the giant, heavy umbrella and chairs and tell me to go ahead and whenever it looks like rain, you always notice and tell me to go ahead before i get wet. it’s just one of the 100’s of kind things you are and do everyday and i would love you forever no matter what.

i’ve been the luckiest person in the world ,since you found me . life was hell before you came here and it would be hell without you. you are a gift from heaven. i would never trade you for anything or anyone, for any reason ever. you are the most perfect person in the world for me.i believe G-d made us for each other. i didn’t know anyone so good could exist. every day of my life, you give me happiness…
we are both very grumpy from the horrible lives we’ve had ,before we met, but i understand and know you don’t mean it, just like i wish you knew i don’t mean the stupid stupid things i say. i want to make up for all the things i’ve said.
all i ever need and want to do is hug you, to be happy.i never want to let go. never want to go to sleep. you can’t imagine the happiness from hugging you and you hugging me…
the magic is always as wonderful as the first day. the magic is always there. nothing ever wore off for me,from the first day i fell in love with you. sorry that i hurt your back.

you take care of me ,when i had the asian flu and salmonella 3 out of 9 weeks, the last few months. you take care of me every day and make sure i don’t get hurt. you protect me , when
cars drive on red and we are in the make sure i don’t lose things, in airports.

what do you do when you try to take a shower and the handle falls off in your hand.normally i would just cry, b/c i can’t call anyone and then you have to spend days looking on the computer ,who does that…i’ve never known anyone who could fix anything. you can fix everything: my life,
(the greatest minds at harvard literally couldn’t fix) and the handle .i bring it to you and say i’m sorry i broke this and you get up and say don’t worry and fix it and make me feel better,also. and the other day,when i burned my mother’s pot, you said they usually have to be thrown away and didn’t think you could ,but you fixed that too, b/c you knew it was sentimental…
i wish i could take everything back and not have ever said anything that was rude to you ever. i wouldn’t hurt your feelings or hurt you on purpose ,for anything in the world. you are the only person who never aggravates me. i don’t know how things sound, until i think about it later.they come out wrong.and then i get upset and want to spend the rest of my life trying to make up.
like the day ,you saved us in the woods,when we got locked in. i want to tell you how wonderful you are. how proud i am of you. how smart you are to get us out of there. we could have been eaten alive by a 50 foot alligator ,like the one we saw months later.but when we get to the hilton,i act so stupid about the lady smoking cigarettes. i have no idea why. what i mean to say,doesn’t come out.only stupid things do.i love how you held my hand all the way back ,by the ocean and talked the whole way,so the time went by faster on the long walk back, that wasn’t long enough.
i love how you sang your rosh hoshannah song through the short cut ,on the way back home , so i wouldn’t be afraid of the snakes.

i love your beautiful face and eyes,how you look down at me with your forehead on mine. it gives me chills.i love when you explain things to me and you are so kind ,the way you do it,nicely. you are a genius.i love to listen to everything you say and i always will.your matter what you say ,it’s interesting. i love to be with you ,anywhere , no matter what we do.even when i have to stay in a hotel room, b/c it’s too cold to go outside for 3 months, b/c the government wouldn’t let you stay here longer…
i know i’m a lot of trouble. you have to spend months every day,looking for restaurants with soft seats and you never make me feel bad, b/c i can’t sit on hard …i feel bad that you have to.
every day , i have been and will be thankful for how you got a cab to pick us up next to the airport and the next time, you got that limo to come inside…i knew you were the most wonderful man in the world,when you did that for me and i would have done and would do anything for you.
you told me you were loyal.i promise i will never forget what you did for me. i knew you really loved me.

i love you in the dark at the beach and how funny you are and how you told me to look at the sky
,and the clouds and how romantic you are and how you take care of me and tell me not to pun you when you say look at the sky and to listen to every word you say and how you tried to explain sound waves and make dolphin hands to tell me why i can’t hear the saxophone. i love to try to take care of you. can’t imagine a greater purpose, in this world. it makes me very happy.nothing i would rather do.

you just said if i just keep smiling at you like that, that was all you need to be happy.i can’t tell you how wonderful, you make me feel ,when you said that and say things every single day.i knew you meant it. and i just want to hug you.
i love you more than anything on earth forever.