Who wants to go to the Findhorn

slave labor program

dressed up as volunteering

that’s how they get you


come to the Findhorn

nine hour days in the kitchen

three, three hour shifts


tiny breaks between

use you until you are gray

you’re doing their jobs


grandfathers ask girls

go to the special sauna

these men stay for years


if you’re and old man

they’ll give you a tiny room

because you can’t work


they takeĀ  all money

make you so uncomfortable

to cause you to leave


they tell everyone

please don’t fly and use the train

everyone flies there


that is why no one

knows how to get to London

no one will help you


preach community

forty kilos inĀ  luggage

no one helps you leave


no one can tell you

best train route back to London

you’ve asked for six months


no conversations

you are just supposed to work

until you’re burned out


they will interrupt

if you speak to anyone

to hide their secrets


narcissist women

name themselves Swan or Pixie

eating hamster food


you eat it also

the food keeps you very weak

work nine hour days


posh people complain

act like a five star hotel

want boiled eggs right now


you receive no pay

abused for the third trip here

they just use people


you come for lectures

spiritual community

only time for work


they make you share rooms

radiators are boiling

it’s freezing outside


virus from Findhorn

roommate wants window open

you could have died there