bob’s burgers /larry david / family guy daily special II: mary hartmanwhich, maryhartmanwhich

more larry david special burgers:
funkhauser nut burger with almond, walnut and cashew
don’t play wagner at my wedding or on your lawn chia seed bagelburger
richard lewis yogi urt meditation burger (served on a benadryl brownie)
alta kocher chronicburger with shwag (guaranteed to keep the opthomologist away)
my dry cleaner put a hole in this burger, burger
abe vigoda gefilte “fish” burger on pumpernickel

family guy specials :
gouda night everybody loves robert loggia (served on focaccia with melted gouda)
you made me love you johnny muldoon tickle the ivory key lime burger
stew ee d tomato on a peter bilt burger
brian swings with nat’s frim fram sauce w/ aussen fay burger and chafafah on the side
harry bel a fontina cheese burger

62 thoughts on “bob’s burgers /larry david / family guy daily special II: mary hartmanwhich, maryhartmanwhich

  1. Any blog that mentions “Abe Vigoda” is a blog I’m happy to follow. Not to mention Larry David.

  2. Did you notice that you are on my Liebster Award nominations list? You wrote that you liked my post but not sure if you noticed your name in the list? Thanks for all the likes, by the way!

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog and thanks for the likes. You are a very funny and clever writer. We seem to share some of the same themes. There is nothing like a nice Jewish girl who can utz with the best of ’em.

  4. Really. First, “utz” means to ball bust as in “she is a real ball buster” or a real comedian. Now here is where the plot thickens. Where are you from in S. Carolina? I am a Clemson graduate and when I entered in the fall of 1970 there were more Jews in the faculty than the student body. More on that later. If you look at my profile, my email address is there. Then we can kibitz. Hope my being a Clemson Tiger isn’t a deal breaker – cock a doodle do?

    • i was born & raised 30 minutes from clemson in greenville s.c. & i went to furman.after my x husband became a chiropractor , we moved to charleston.. then i went to arlington, va & now i’m in myrtle the late 80’s there was a couple & i can’t think of their name right now..wife was professor of psychology at furman & he was a professor / clemson.they were at my wedding & he was a cantor sometimes at our synagogue…. i will try to email, but i spilled hawaiian punch on my computer & this new one doesn’t have email or anything in it..i don’t know if it dried out yet.

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