is it morning yet

but how do you know
when you don’t get enough sleep
no one asked did they

1 wake up to find that
the water you boiled last night
still warm on the stove

2 fall asleep at four am
but when you wake up
it’s still dark outside

3 the same movie you
were watching when you fell asleep
isn’t over

4 you are watching
george and gracie from three a m
until four a m

5 you eat celery
because calcium is supposed
to help you sleep

6. valerian root
didn’t help in eighties
nor tranquilizer now

why would celery?
jack lalanne said that it did
came with my juicer

five wasted hours
thirty five hours each week
do not do the math

man without a country

sweet weather channel
every time it rains inside
every twelve seconds

just like last monday
another piece slips away
you did it again

saturday forecast
will never understand you
could have reached blue sea

dummy sitting here
shopping silicone lining
royal blue cookie sheets

amazon bakeware
hurricane winter pastry
emergency cakes

first task check weather
as a good little girl should
you’re not fooling me

high sixty seven
you say this at eleven
two p m is high

so why at five uhr
on the ten day forecast page

at twelve twenty five
I could have gonE TO The BEACH
people shout haiku

four long months inside
aggravated by movers
every single day

moving in the snow
hurricane when i moved in
weather just hates me

in seven short days
buying vacation condo
renting to tourists

i’m glad i didn’t
waste time hiring a
management company

five minutes ago
realized i have to live there
molding glass ceiling

how can it not be
rained in all of december
raccoons keep tearing

it’s raining right now
have not thought about packing
can’t do that again

can you tell me why
d j ‘s play sad music
foggy and rainy out

need Brubeck’s take five

the sun just came out
heard that song for a year already
that’s enough


an email that says the maintenance man patched the roof & thinks i can just pack up half the house & leave again for three days like last week, so he can spray bleach on the ceiling again and go to a stranger’s home & not sleep for another three days , like last week.

last week he told me the tar was gone that kept the AC’s on the roof from leaking ….i didn’t say then why does it happen when it rains, until i find water spots on the ceiling again after it rained, but not mold yet this time..

we don’t have northern mold here. he thinks i’m a yankee & toxic mold is northern…i didn’t laugh or say i’m from s.c.
then he said EVERY condo has mold .where can i go! everywhere i go there is toxic mold. i give up…a 90,000 condo in myrtle beach, a brand new 600,000 condo in potomac , md, a 12 yr old 370,000 condo in arlington va.

i doubt many people have this problem. yesterday someone said to me “you can’t go anywhere can you”.so i asked to please leave the balcony door open for the chemicals to leave & he wanted to argue about the door open & the ac on… i said i will gladly pay the a c bill all the time…then , he wanted to paint the ceiling & i said then i can’t come back for 3 months…finally my realtor told not paint.
so he is going to want to paint again & he left the door open , like i asked & now there are ants.i’ve never seen ants inside but i’ve been spraying tobasco sauce, salt & water & spraying vinegar too…there aren’t many but it’s still upsetting. i’m watching one play in the black pepper i sprinkled too. he’s enjoying the pepper.

an ironic bitter purple haiku:

doctor gave me heartburn
when he asked me to stop
taking nexium.

somewhere out there
a town with no toxic mold
or aggravation.