not late haiku television 8

“three rocks two fingers
and a splash of water Frank
had this every night”

commercial / Frank Sinatra

“he didn’t need lipstick
on his face for proof
he knew he’d been kissed”

Gracie Allen

” a very important meeting
how to destroy
our competitors”

The Good Wife

“oh Chichi I’ll do
anything if it means you’re
mentally balanced”

Marie Barone

“WE oh no you had
your chance to be we for like
a year and a half”

Leonard / Big Bang Theory

“your smoke alarm’s
going to start beeping at two
forty one a m ”

Person Of Interest

” I think it would be
better if we just let things
happen naturally”

The Middle

“I don’t know but could
you need it right now just to
get me through the day”

Ray Barone / Everybody Loves Ray

“look my heart breaks
for you and your family
and what you have gone through”

“it’s a little bit
early in our investigation
to know that”

Blue Bloods
“whatever you just
did for him you won’t ever
have to do again”

Law And Order SVU

stream of streams

when you get a hanging
judge his wife probably
just burned his toast

i’m a southern bell
who just said bloody ell
a tornado warning

weighted power lines
one half inch of ice can add
five hundred pounds

counting words since
“knee high to a grasshopper”
finally paid off

For Nancy Grace
you can “put lipstick
on a pig” if you wish that
sure one is willing

if you’re literal
many defense attorneys
do this every day


i drink because i’m
thirsty and dehydrated
maybe poet too

i can’t drink or smoke
maybe i’m not a poet

now i can’t remember
if you put lipstick or
perfume on pigs

not that it matters
maybe i need a drink now
that will help me think

Muse & don’t try this at home


since they rhyme
can place on same page
i’m doing it.

Boardwalk Empire review in haiku:
“you can’t go around
stealing from people”
blasted sociopaths.<- me

(some mob boss
said this to college student
who offered to pay).

what the bleep
do you do every day
of your life idiot. <- me

last week :

“voting democrat
hazardous to your health”
when i hit you. <- me talking not me hitting

men say darndest things with beverages

but first a haiku from “road trip”:

“We do three things
in the south baby we live
we love and we eat”.

One Direction’s;

“You light up my world
like nobody else you don’t
know you’re beautiful”.
men who shout haiku at me:

“did you find any
or pirates nothin”?
“water fountain”

“Don’t drink that water
i’ve got some in my cooler”
stranger from behind.
“empty driver’s seat”

golf cart passenger
“have you got a license to
operate that thing”?
i wasn’t driving
just sitting on the soft seat
two silly men yell”.
“He Keeps His Promise Every Time”

“we promise not to hit
your water bottle if
you get in the pool”.

man’s power driven
pina colada blender
sounds like lawn mower.

secret is ice cream
banana slices also
whole pool is staring.

(Next Day)
three offer beer
consolation prize for noisy
gas powered blender.
“jimmy buffett”

“if you like pina
colada if you like makin
love at midnight”