Scandal : judging judges

psychopath Supreme

hired hit girl blaming hit man

president shot.

married men undress

proving neither were wired

baby’s needs come first.

last week someone asked who shot the president.i can’t believe i was right. everyone said it was his wife and then i thought of course that makes sense.i was just thinking about a real life criminal and how much i hate him , but i really hate this judge too. she not only hired a hit, but turned in huck, when she knew he was not responsible and she knew he would be tortured and for that i hate her. she actually tried to explain why.when psychopaths talk i don’t listen.there is no why, you evil psychopath. it makes me want all of the cases she ever judged overturned ,looked into…
why did the president kill the judge ,when she said she was to blame? she was almost dead. does he not know there are cameras in the hospital rooms. that’s how they caught alexis felton in real life, in orlando last year strangling her baby.then they knew she had been the one to blame for all of the hospital trips, that poor baby endured.

Florida Hotel Tales

On an episode of the cleveland show,cleveland said orlando is the pedophile capital of the world.he doesn’t seem to be wrong ,if we think about all of the cases on cnn and fox. a few days ago, a little girl was followed ,on her way to school this week by 2 men in a car, who tried to get her into the car. she ran away and a woman helped her , but they found her again and she ran away again to school.the school told everyone to be careful.

there were so many crimes against children this week : alexis felton tried to murder her baby, it was found out that michael marshall had been starving his son.the child is now receiving gifts from many well wishers..someone tried to run over 2 young teens in a car and murdered the 14 year old, and badly injured her best friend.outrage over trayvon martin’s death has spread throughout the country this week.

friday ,they said 5 people had been killed on motorcycles during bike week, saturday 7 had died and i think that ended the official week, but by sunday it became 9 and today  a news  channel said lake dora there was also a boat regatta .sat one person died, then sunday a boat ran over the top of another and 2 more died. they are trying to decide if they will have the regatta next year. of course they will. the boaters have it in their blood and the town wants the money. they are saying this on every channel.

i can’t believe also that bob ward convicted of murdering his wife lived here and john goodman who adopted his girlfriend so he wouldn’t have to pay the family of the man he ran into and left to drown ,eithersomeone bought ward’s mansion and tore it down.orlando is the capital of something and it cannot be the happiest place on earth.

sociopaths killing our children or breeding new sociopaths

Michael Marshall and his girlfriend Sharon Glass were starving his 12 year old son to death and locked him in a cage .i cannot bear to even say what they did, without crying. he weighs 40 pounds, like a holocaust prisoner.they are saying he will have physical and health problems the rest of his life!i think of course mental, also.why do we have DCF ? i feel like we are living in the wild wild west.i only hear horror stories of DCF. do they ever help?

the  evil stupidity of putting someone malnourished in a cage for trying to get food. and why is custody being given in one day to marshall’s mother. do you think maybe you should investigate her to see how her son became so evil?

there was a fire at this home several years ago and said to be 5 children at that time. what happened to the other children? now there were three,it isn’t known if anyone checked on the children. DCF went to many houses on this street, but not this

 one. the boy was taken out of school to be home schooled.are there no checks and balances to look at these children to make sure they are not being abused.

in the other custoday case today, they decided  not to give custoday of the poor strangling victim of Alexis Felton to her family.the 11 month old, who was already in the hospital and strangled 6 times , while in the hospital, is still there, of course, but she will be given to foster care.her mother  is still under suicide watch .i don’t know if the court got this one right or if Felton ‘s family is alive, in prison or what and do we still have to worry about this baby in foster care. oh no, as soon as i wrote this a reporter an channel 9 said no one in Felton’s family has stepped forward to take the baby. i should have known …. and  the father is asking for a paternity test.

Alexis Keanna Felton

Today, Alexis Felton ,21,is in orange county jail on suicide watch.she tried to strangle her baby 6 times in the hospital  and every attempt is on hospital tape.the baby has been hospitalized before, but was born healthy.

DCF investigated once  before, but did nothing.two female ralatives were on channel 9 news just now and said they aren’t suprised, because alexis was abused by her family her entire childhood.Alexis told the police she didn’t want her child to suffer.

Earlier today an officer said there were 400,000 incidents in orange county  and 16,000 arrests last year. i haven’t seen those numbers in writing.

There was another horrible wreck in orange county today, where a car crashed into a house , pieces flew over the roof into the house next door.Melanie Chaplin, 39 is thought the next door neighbor was taking Melanie and her child to elementary school and tried to pass a car ,while one in the house was injured.