blue men pool men

their hair royal blue
professional tennis match
heads turning left right

staring for hours
quite a sight in bright sunlight
three guys and a girl

the two blue men group
lotion on each other’s backs
dive and jump in pool

why are yall staring
peer not at your peers so long
take a chill pill man

are you wondering
chlorination’s reaction
water blue enough

party of four
having wonderful time in pool
colorful floating

radiant floats
blue sea blue pool and blue men
negating your blues

next day asking golf
cart if he had seen blue hair
just at that second

coming around corner
bob asked how i did that
bluer and bluest

moral or punchline
before entering army
dye your hair royal blue

your boyfriend also
bring younger looking parents
come here for a week

i’m so dumb i thought
they were part of blue men group
feared they would lose blue

“i never met one” Bubba Haiku

i never met one
lots of people named bubba
people in s.c.
an hour later
mother- in -law said errin
we burst out laughing
i forgot my own uncle
lived to ninety three.
went to citadel
general westmoreland’s class
sent laotion gifts.
favorite pen pal
always made whisky sour
it was just sour.