navy, seals & navy seals 6:30-7:30

i wasn’t too happy
wednesday spraying sunscreen
on all his muscles

blocking the landing
i stood far away
building muscles of my own

holding food water
air flip flops V.S. beach bag
pyramid pool life

“i was once on swim
team at UCLA
guy kicked me in the face”

telling his daughter
her girlfriend twenties
how he was once navy seal

not twenty four hours
was i asked if navy seals
can say that they are

have only heard people
say that they were after
they had retired

he looked at me and
said “i like seals” and smiled
he knew i like seals

you like animals
speak in haiku i listen
army, reserves, seal

life of pool party
wins racing twenty year olds
people are cheering

twenty third floor next door
he is so happy but
they cheered for wedding

he knew: i did not
would have figured this out
in an hour or two

he asked if people
cheered at my wedding how did
he know i had one?

i turned my head to think
they way he later did
sideways cannonballs

landing on his head
staying underwater so long
only six feet

i said yes they cheered
but i’m jewish & they cheer
when grooms break the glass

irish italian
speaking with scottish accent
it’s like they just met

daughter didn’t know
anything he’d ever done
neither did his son

ESP vanished
after water board training
i mean water borne

tactical navy
unter wasser training the girls
then turns to me

and said you are next
just me floating on pasta
bye bye ESP


5:30 -7:30 MJ & Stevie Wonder

he’s back on the fence
bobblehead lizzard eight times
both watching plane kite

each time flies downward
you hear special sound effects
nhr nhr nhrrr nhrr nhrrr

our eyes are dizzy
too fast for me and lizard
flying rings around

lizard uses whisk
red ring around his collar
doesn’t get red out

he is all puffed up
verblungit is yiddish word
my father uses

no it means confused
ungebluzen and pig means
all puffed up in cheeks

i’m always confused
it should be my middle name
change it from shopping

nervous palm trees
swaying shaking like hula dancers
breezy june days

quiet dove pool shed
watching the waves go by
must be happening spot

pool to yourself
music and wild animals
no splashing dinnertime

“never can say goodbye
no no no no i never
can say goodbye”

now it’s time to go
he “shot a man in reno”
rather fall in sea

johnny cash was
a murderer on columbo
please sir far away

that’s so much better
“signed sealed delivered i’m yours”
sing stevie wonder

on the way back
teenager holds pool door open
“are you coming in”

when i shook my head no
he so sadly said “awwwww”
still wet from mean sea

seven outdoor pools
why would you want one indoors
neither rain nor cold


is that duck swimming in the pool?

dive at your peril
escape seventy degree
Hawaii five O

toes feeling like ice
Canadians swimming
tropical twenty winds

chilling bad to bone
jumping flash handstand “too cold”
wet heart felt shrieking

had to get close
husband and wife visor
Furman University

cannot believe eyes
even her ninety year old
mother had gone there

one never sees this
dave barry being last guy
purple comedy

blond actress SNL
Brooke Shields was said to have
thought about going

uncamouflaged bright
green lizard red opening
black pool rail cheez it

The Only Thing For
Vegetarian French Fry Restaurant
is open

Uno counting cards
wishing it was pizza
eggplant stacked pizza

sorry Pondering Mind
meant mozzarella parmesan
wrong olive

Bitter Ben doesn’t care
for sun dried tomatoes
likes pepperoni

now for the landing
stop talking to me there’s
a mallard in the pool

swimming sideways lap
“oh he does that every day
around this same time”

hurriedly takes off
over dune straight for the sea
was that my pierre

bird or superman
kissing hand that feeds him
no itinerary

and now pitch dark
12:10 am a cannon blasts
over and over

six very loud bangs
I don’t ever want to know
if that was gun fire