he could buy the beach

since i was twelve
partner of largest law firm in georgia
said this last week:

“i wish i didn’t
have to work every day
and lived at the beach”.

you don’t have to work
you work because you want to
you silly brother.

(you may want to read
bitter ben’s u.s. news
& world report)….

bitter ben ,pizza, 8th grade

bitter ben made a comment at least you remember something from 8th grade, about pizza. i remember coincidences.
this was the first day of 8th grade:
my english teacher asked me to stay after class.i’m not leave it to beaver. no one had ever asked me to do that. the english teacher
asked me if i was related to (changing names to protect the innocent) avodor.(no, not from yentyl) .yes he’s my cousin. then she asked if i was related to adam and i said he was my brother, so she told me he was in her class, in high school.they were the same age . she wasn’t his teacher,and she had a crush on him.

then i go to the next class and my social studies teacher asked me to stay after class. what have i done now.not thinking this could be the exact same situation, an hour later,she tells me she went to school with my sister . apparently she is three years younger than than my brother.also she said pizza had more vitamins than any food and i don’t believe she had spinach and feta.