what i learned in orlando

1. writing on the sidewalk in chalk is punishable by jail, (timothy osmar june 8th and 10th 2012) but not many other things…

2.if you are a woman ,skydiving on sunday is illegal.

3.the pizza mafia is no farther than a step away from your hotel room door, almost every day.

4.you have to try to always think/ stay one step ahead of sociopaths.if you find a missing child ,call police, don’t take him to the address he gives you (7/26/12).

5. many family vacations were ruined by murder and one electrocution.

6.most of the missing wives and people on HLN are from this area
because that’s where it happens.

7.how to speak russian

8.if you feed an alligator and he takes your hand ,you will go to jail,( wally weatherholt 7/30/12) but people who murder are running around.

9.people like casey anthony are allowed to adopt dogs, but not people like ellie mae clampett if they are not local.

10.people are thrown out of hotel lobbies if they are not a guest,are at starbucks, or they appear not to have money, but they can’t get rid of the pizza flyer criminals.

bob’s burgers:daily special part II

bob’s special of the day: mary hartman-which ,mary hartman-which
more larry david special burgers:
funkhauser nut burger with almond walnut and cashew
don’t play wagner at my wedding or on your lawn chia seed bagelburger
richard lewis meditation yogi urt burger served on a benadryl brownie
alta kocher chronicburger with shwag (guaranteed to keep the opthomologist away)
my dry cleaner put a hole in this burger, burger
abe vigoda gefilte “fish” burger on pumpernickel

family guy specials:
gouda night everybody loves robert loggia(served on focaccia w/ melted gouda)
you made me love you johnny muldoon tickle the ivory key lime burger
stew ie d tomato on a peter bilt burger
brian swings with nat’s frim fram sauce w/ ausen fay burger and chafafah on the side
harry bel a fontina cheese burger

bob’s burgers : specials of the day, part I

(bob’s burgers I ūüôā swallow this capistrano pastrami burger
once upon a thyme veggie burger
albert r broccoli-burger
kosher dil et tante burger
salmon ella fitzgerald burger
is you is or is you ain’t my baby bel cheese burger?
casey anthony newley wed burger
put a sockeye salmon in it burger
obsessive culinary delight OCDburger
anchovy pasties burger
squash your dreamburger
nat king cole slaw burger
meet you in kentucky bourbonburger
not mushroom at the inn burger
Adam eme and new year’s Eve burger
olivia pope john paul ring o onion burger

larry david burgers:
don’t use the carpool lane on game day venison-burger
my wife may be crashing but my cable is down right delicious burger
have it your way narcissist burger

(for the blackboard behind bob 12/29)

casey anthony gained so much weight

larry flynt took back his 500,000 offer to pose in hustler.the guy who stood in front of the courthouse with the will you marry me sign had to get a new job to pay for the gold to enlarge her engagement ring. casey and misty croslin can¬† no longer fit in the same cell…i’m just joking, but people are asking you to make up your own casey anthony is so fat joke.channel 9 at 11;00 pm said casey anthony is so fat she is unrecognizable.no one has pictures.

also in todays news, if that is news jose baez is going to represent charlie ely in her murder conviction appeal, as one of 5 teens who is said to have beaten and shot and burned the body and put the remains into paint cans of a 15 year old Seath Jackson.it took one hour and 15 minutes for the jury to find ely guilty. there was a taped confession.teens committed this horrible crime.

the first 10 minutes of news is nothing but car accidents. that is how many accidents there are.

in december and now again in june, if you use your cretid card, in orlando,you will probably be asked for identification, even if it is only for 5.00 because so many people steal them.

Drive by shootings in cars

instead of¬† on horses; that’s the main difference in orlando and the wild west. earlier today they shot at a halfway house , for federal inmates who had 6 months to a year left on their sentences,hit a worker inside, then set their car on fire.

doreen dufresne tried to hire someone to kill her husband. yesterday¬†it was ¬†said her first husband killed himself.then they reported he killed himself by taking antifreeze slowly over time. now police are going to investigate the first husband’s death. today, they report the ME said no the case is closed, unless someone asks them to reopen…has anyone ever in the history of the world killed themself slowly by drinking antifreeze over time,¬†slowly torturing ¬†themself ?hello, she just tried to kill this husband.

poor casey anthony must feel so left out of the news,with all of these new murder cases every day she decided to announce she wants to be baptised. that got her a 7 second mention on tv.

when¬†you sign the petition to arrest zimmerman , it says trayvon martin¬† once saved his father’s life.zimmerman and his family are in hiding as he has had many death threats. now, everyone is screaming to take his gun away.

Florida casey anthony hotel tales

it seems as if  many local people have their own stories of casey anthony.this is one of those stories.

a friend said her uncle works at a dr’s office ,in the area and he was helping a patient ,with a leg problem.she and her husband went to jail, because her husband grew marijuana, at their home. she said this lady was in the same jail with casey anthony and¬†casey sent her ¬†30 letters. they all talked about casey using chloroform to kill caylee. the police read these letters and said there was nothing they could do. they couldn’t use these in court, because casey lies.

Florida hotel tales with Casey Anthony

No Florida vacation would be complete , without  Casey
Anthony news.Several weeks ago, she was on every tv channel. she says she adopted a dog , in her video.i am so upset, that i finally wrote the animal shelter and told them i emailed them 2 weeks earlier and offered to be a foster parent and no one answered, but they gave¬†the psychopath a dog. didn’t cindy name countless dogs at trial, that she and casey buried¬†..they assured me, they did not and would
not give her a dog and don’t know that any shelter would.it also said if you do not live¬† in florida, they will not let you adopt, but somehow she has a dog. she claims she is leaving florida as soon as parole is over.her lawyer said she may leave this country after the trial. how does one of the most hated people in America adopt a¬† defenseless dog.