i haven’t seen you in a coon’s age

bear necessities

cock gun

hen party

card shark

play opossum

duck your head

silly goose

elephant walk

fowl ball

chicken out

lion around

snake eyes

kid around

monkey around

cat walk

dog tired

puppy love

seems fishy

rat out


tiger in your tank

two days with mrs. bloom two

mrs. bloom said ohy
you with the dog in the bed
not another one

rabbi’s jealous cat
would not tolerate another
cat in his bed

she’s afraid of cats
locked in cages even on
my stationary

cold winter kitten
hiding next to synagogue
rabbi said take him

having kniption
kitten’s carrier in car

doctors wife ended
taking kitten as her own
rabbi saved the day

he didn’t have to
explain to his cat or my dog
a new brother.

“Oh Jack enough with the Singing”

she was late that day
taking me to services
jack responsible?

she said he “threw her
out of bed & said take errin
to services”

did not look before
she leapt and jack had left the
shower button up

hair extremely wet
a little annoyed with jack
an ohy jack moment

we listened as mechanics
fixed cars on NPR
one of us did

after services
Opera concentration
searching large new homes

very well rounded
everything under the sun
countless charities

after my father died, she took me to services on saturdays, for another year, while staying in greenville, the house i lived in since i was one year old.
just a few of her other interests:
“M A new york university,
medical records librarian at beth israel hospital in N .Y.
administrative assistant N.Y. university medical center,
director neighborhood youth corp,board mental health association,furman university learning in retirement,field representative NCJW…..many more than i can type.

i just learned mrs. bloom was 92 years old 2/21/10. col.bloom joining her in heaven less than three months later, 5/8/10.
also Col. Bloom , a “true southern gentleman” ,went to Furman university ,before Duke and becoming an attorney .i never knew he was a colonel, or that he went to furman.that might explain a speech he gave one day & he added there was one jewish family who had all of their sons (3) in WWII…and he said my grandmother’s name, my father & his two brothers,one a lt. col, uncle bubba.

Bloom in ` limerick ` bloomin haiku

There once was a lovely woman named Bloom

Entomology lover please assume

She’s afraid of all cats

Not Katz saying ” thats thats ”

And at forty she did marry her groom

this could not be any
truer if my name was
truey truerstein.

dr. jonathan katz – a cartoon therapist who was once part of a duo – “koppelman & katz & that’s thats ”

mrs. bloom studied entomology in n.y., then came to s.c. , marrying, one of my parent’s dearest friends, an attorney, when she was forty..she’s Terrified of cats…not bugs ,just cats,not Katz ,just cats…also kittens.

jim cramer’s ishkabibbel cat haiku

Ish Kabibbel Cat
he didn’t pay dividends
needed attention.

found a loving home
with family who has time
meeting kitty needs.

kitty pyramid
self actualization
cat nip for the mind.

(later update from
Ish Kabibbel Cat after
story went to bed):

visits cramer kin
rosh hoshannah yom kippur
leading a dog’s life.