seaside feng shui

“walk it by yourself”
to the left and the right
sugar bear’s too tired

feng shui little boy
rearranging furniture
half size of my chair

what strength you have
tiny three year old moving every
chair except mine

everyone with their hat
feeling like i’m at the
kentucky derby

men charleston chapeau
women wear giant straw hats
pink over forty

my father always
“don’t you need a little hat”
well maybe i do

winter and summer
seven to thirty six years
i’m not starting now

even though last year
someone gave me a gift hat
rather have gift horse

large owner’s closet
someone left me new dog bowls
and a brand new leash

but there was no dog
looked everywhere for puppy
not one to be found

are you buying
someone else’s troubles when you buy
furnished condo

not like an old car
only problem getting rid of theirs
bring in yours

saxophone calling
“we’re in this world together”
come float with music

once i bought a hat
went to orthodox synagogue
rabbi said no

you want to marry?
no i certainly do not
i was just divorced

only married women wear hats
i’m conservative

of course not with hats
i purposely bought that hat
wear to orthodox

men and women can’t
sit together because men
can’t control themselves?

oh the mishegas
if i couldn’t sit with my
mother and father!

i would shoot myself
thank goodness born when i was
feel tallis tassels

orthodox parents
basically that’s all there was
when they were little

luckily they grew up
across the street from each other
in greenville

holding hands services
in the sixties after
conservative built

twenty years marriage
then they’re allowed to sit
together services

but not very long
only thirty nine years
til death destroys numbers

little b-i-t-c-_

“are you following me” <—–: she
she was playing on the ropes
he was also

"my mom said to play
with you while she studies"<—— : he
"play with THAT little girl " <——- :she

listening haiku
purple floating next to two
remembering hour

she rudely left him
comes back and wants his goggles
then she plays with him

"can i ask you how
do you hold your breath so long
under the water" <—- : he

" i wait til i see
you come up and i hold my
breath one more second" <—– :she

haiku from heaven
cannot believe eight and ten
speaking in haiku

splashing sunglasses
they go to warm baby pool
and leave me in peace

i'm all she has left
"am i the only eight year
old in here right now <—-: she

* 6/10 i knew what this would be named as soon as she asked the little boy rudely if he was following her. he was just sitting on the rope & she was too & i was sitting next to them. and then the nerve , like a little sociopath, she came back from the deep end , because she decided she wanted something from him, his goggles.
they are playing who can drown first & the one time she lost , she blamed him for kicking her.he didn’t , but he barely brushed her. it’s all in the court transcript.

her mother never looked up from texting , until she was ready to go home. ninety nine percent of the time, i wait until the last second to think of a title.

earlier that day, tom not tim duncan

wearing red one piece
she’s sipping red daiquiri
white towel on head

just as you are thinking
it’s about 2:30
man shouts to his wife

“what time is it honey”
at that very minute
she said 2:30

he’s wearing a watch
must not be waterproof
memory bad as mine

“you don’t like go carts
that’s on my bucket list lucy
love the grand prix”

i love pontiac
tom duncan pontiac
greer s.c.

“lucy was an
exceptionally clean baby”
“found out it was us”

“they adapt to you
the third one does what we do”
“first is the hardest”

“it’s about a
twenty minute ride to grand prix
i bet she’ll pass out”

“especially if
we put something in her belly
got some CHILI”

best bucket list
i will not kick the bucket
are numbers one and last

“i want to put on
my my my my my boogie shoes
boogie with you”

6/4 before ringo

pirates take two for haiku it’s true

do you have a ship
“i have a boat dingy cars
house and a condo”

pirate worrying
living after his parrot
sixty more years

senior pirate
making joke at his own expense
he was sixty five
whatever he said
was funnier and a haiku
but lost at sea
a real live pirate
parrot talking upside down
in myrtle beach
talking to people
taking pictures with children
back to their condo
see no money change hands
just snapping his likeness
must be true pirate

maybe last dinosaur
walked around saying you
can take my photo.

two hours in the sand

do sheep get itchy
are some allergic to wool
you have to wonder.
Sophie the Dog

sophie was all wet
she looked at parents like they
pushed her into hole

hole in the ocean
she misjudged no judging
told me her plight

she told me to walk
very warm at the ocean
windy here by ducks

she stands far away
knowing duck could pull her in
felipe is tricky.
In the Sand

almost erased
i love nolan and conner
by the next waves

( i love conner too
scott peterson erased him
erased laci too ).

Mr. Blond Mullet

he caught two blue fish
one as i walked behind him
return second blue

while i was away
shark jumped on his minnow
snapped thirty test.
An Old Seventeen

sweet home schooled boy
“are you that jewish lady
from last october ”

five two and five ten
sinking deeper into sand
teenager and i .

every october
he said “keep up the good work”
told him to “drive safe ”

we laugh at silly
expressions people say to us
” you’re doin it ”

“Stay There”

remember last year
he crossed the creek at high tide
to tell me something.

Family Walk

sister walks head down
three miles searching for shark teeth
today she found two .
Black Dress & Eyeshadow

you look so pretty
” i’m doing a model shoot ”
six year old child .

White Doggy

twelve year old lucy
pink t shirt avoid sunburn
” i love my daddy “.

Even little ones speak in haiku at pool I

(little sister 7)

“mason you think
EVERYTHING in life is a race
since we were born”.

(lucy 4 & baby ziva )

“lucy wants to eat
ice cream and watch long movies
tonight daddy”.

“if you weren’t pregnant
and holding a baby
i’d pull you in”.

“everyone heard”
( daddy asked me if
i saw his wife was pregnant
i said we heard you).

lucy calling herself
vanessa and dunking
daddy blamed me.

(errin didn’t do it)
“don’t think errin has
a mean bone in her body
i think you did it)”.
(forty minutes with jackson 4 )
what’s that on table (10 x’s)
i mean what’s that on pole
what’s that on pole ( 4 x’s)

can you blow bubbles
yes you can have to go home
can i dive in here ( 6 x’s)

i’m a fish watch me
get in jacuzzi with dad
my mom knows how.