haiku, sea ku

no such thing as a
gefilte fish it’s carp white
fish or whatever.
Squeaky Clean

it’s coming from
outside the house note on door
i’m in the shower

note has been on door
since tuesday it’s thursday now
what a dumb pumpkin.
if i was a ferret
would have died twelve times
last thirteen years.
october fishermen
like to tap my head daily
with red test line .

ten pink jellyfish
that’s how far i walked not
very far at all.
annie and moon pie
two king charles spaniel puppies
stop me coming back.
seventeen jellies
little did i know friday
there would be hundreds.
we are like two ships
colliding in the night
stuck together.
amazing jet ski
dolphin tours do you watch them
or do they watch you ?
“daddy can i take
a hot shower no you can
take an ice cold one”.

I Saw Stars
Etta Jones

” i heard a birdie
sing so sweet so sweet the
moment i fell for you ” …
Cold as Ice

“you’re as cold as ice
someday you’ll pay the price i
know want paradise ” …

SNL Haiku

“you look marvelous
chevy chase and you’re not
cheeseburger pepsi.

choppin broccoli”
news for the hearing impaired
he shouted loud.

“isn’t that special
roseanne roseannadanna
could it be satan”?


(Chopping Broccoli)

“she’s as cold as ice
paradise and the feeling
was a nice.

bought some ber-ra-ccoli
she brought it ho – ome
she’s choppin bro ccoli”.