how the day ended

i’m actually going to write about something that happened today, instead of what is already typed, which is silly.

gaboon viper
fifth deadliest in the world
death in fifteen minutes

the only time, i will ever mention that animal. i really don’t like commercials.and this was the news & they want to scare you , because he is running around loose, after shedding his skin. i was watching person of interest. it only took a few minutes, for me to realize, there was no sound on cbs myrtle beach , so i had been watching , a station i never watch, because every ten minutes there’s a commercial for an attorney. six attorneys,in charleston, who i knew & they have been playing the same commercials since 1989.
so mr. s is running around & the anectdote , i mean nearest antidote is 2 hours away, so why doesn’t someone drive it to mt. pleasant, honestly.

but this is how the day began.i found 2 more reasons to add to the page before this:

9:30 am beep beep , the fire alarm

walk into the hall & bliip bliip , it’s raining inside again.and let me tell you fred astaire is not singing.

3:26 two realtors ask if they can come over at 3:30 so i can sign documents, contract…if i had a nickel for every contract i’ve signed since 2007, i would be a millionaire.when they saw the rain, & hear me coughing, they said we’ve got to get you out of here.i know, but it was so nice to hear someone else say that.

And the roof next door is brand new, so no one will ever be singing in the rain.

i already know what will wake me tomorrow.i went to make sure no one sprayed anything at the other condo . have not been outside in 5 months & on the third trip back , a late breaking bulletin says tomorrow they will be spraying pesticide , in every single condo, even though i was told to write a 3 page letter for the board & my realtors typed an addendum or possibly mark geragos & i will be leaving here forever ,if … i really could use that Viper.

i should be sleeping. i should be packing. i should be putting their kitchen back together.should be getting ready for passover, or my birthday ,or something that happens every april 15th, or a hundred other things. i don’t move after april 3rd. it’s a rule ,after the many times ,in 14 years, i made up for a good reason.

but mr. asp was not the end . someone is smoking & unbelieveably the wind is blowing smoke onto the balcony, day 6, 1;30 am you breathe molded plaster or smoke,
unless you have good sense & just go in the bedroom ,where salt water oxygen blows through the window .


an email that says the maintenance man patched the roof & thinks i can just pack up half the house & leave again for three days like last week, so he can spray bleach on the ceiling again and go to a stranger’s home & not sleep for another three days , like last week.

last week he told me the tar was gone that kept the AC’s on the roof from leaking ….i didn’t say then why does it happen when it rains, until i find water spots on the ceiling again after it rained, but not mold yet this time..

we don’t have northern mold here. he thinks i’m a yankee & toxic mold is northern…i didn’t laugh or say i’m from s.c.
then he said EVERY condo has mold .where can i go! everywhere i go there is toxic mold. i give up…a 90,000 condo in myrtle beach, a brand new 600,000 condo in potomac , md, a 12 yr old 370,000 condo in arlington va.

i doubt many people have this problem. yesterday someone said to me “you can’t go anywhere can you”.so i asked to please leave the balcony door open for the chemicals to leave & he wanted to argue about the door open & the ac on… i said i will gladly pay the a c bill all the time…then , he wanted to paint the ceiling & i said then i can’t come back for 3 months…finally my realtor told not paint.
so he is going to want to paint again & he left the door open , like i asked & now there are ants.i’ve never seen ants inside but i’ve been spraying tobasco sauce, salt & water & spraying vinegar too…there aren’t many but it’s still upsetting. i’m watching one play in the black pepper i sprinkled too. he’s enjoying the pepper.

an ironic bitter purple haiku:

doctor gave me heartburn
when he asked me to stop
taking nexium.

somewhere out there
a town with no toxic mold
or aggravation.