Ringo Dachshund not Starr pulls pork

tuesday night pulled pork
thurdsday nights gourmet pizza
the kosher left side

two fifty a slice
every friday taco night
fish fry wednesday nights

saturday night grill
footlong hotdogs four dollars
burgers and cookout

animal crackers
they’re loaded with calcium
i like the sugar

here we go again
while you’re thinking are they twins
one has blue with black

other hat black with blue
man says no they’re cousins
answering someone

who apparently asked
what i was thinking
synchronistic thoughts

chattanooga choo choo
wearing clemson t shirt
goes to all the games

grew up in greenville
thirty minutes from clemson
explaining it all

“oh dad i remember
where my cigarettes are
in your pants pocket”

haiku on boardwalk
wasted on bad cigarettes
keep it in your pants

ringo’s father asks
“are you back for the summer”
haven’t ever left

6/4 pm

dogs,dogs,dogs still thursday

“love at first bite”

infinite wagging
they were nose to nose
so happy to meet

he three foot poodle
she’s three pound toy dachshund
love at first sight

tram passes third
even ottie has a seat
i’ll just stand here.

then a golf cart
backward passenger poodle
gets comfortable.

behind his mother
who uses him as pillow
hysterical laugh.

what he wanted
also use him as flotation
device on sea.
“ticket to ride”
The Beatles

“i think it’s today
i think i’m gonna be sad
she’s got a ticket”.