which missing person will be on tv

how do they decide who to put on tv. there were rumors , a few years ago, that you had to be a missing ,young ,pretty ,white american ,blond .but, last night i heard a comedian say that the only missing people were that type. he said hollywood is to blame, because serial killers only kill pretty white women , on film.they cause sociopaths in real life to do the same thing. he said if you are ugly, they will not kidnap you.

i’m not sure he knows what he is talking about, but it makes you think and it seems like the cases that get to the news channels,all have rumors,of sex, drugs…..i have never not believed anything “you will not believe”. tell someone in your family to spread all kinds of rumors,in case you heaven forbid, go missing.that way many more people will be searching for you, because you will be on the news.

what i don’t understand is why there is no news about Gloria Helfrich’s murder. how does a grandson stab his grandmother 93 times and that’s the end.

Jerry Perdomo missing firefighter and former marine

Jerrry Perdomo , a former marine has suffered from PTSD.Jerry,  his wife and their baby moved to orlando in 2001.

One question answered is Porter and Nowak asked about leaving their car at a different walmart, not the one where Jerry’s car was found.however they ended up leaving their old car at the car dealer, where they bought their new car.Rod Pelkey, manager of the car dealership said Porter appeared “out of sorts”, and that his girlfriend , Nowak,was taking control of the situation. Nowak’s mother is trying to distance her daughter , she said Porter has no job, but bought a car and that Jerry is only Porter’s friend.

Jerry Perdomo still missing

This has taken a strange turn. this woman who says her name is Lisa claims Jerry has been coming to maine once a month for 10 months and visited her.she said he went to visit a friend, but can’t remember the name, and said i wish i could in a monotone voice. he was supposed to take her to dinner, but never returned feb 16th.she had two phones at her house,one was “shut off “an hour after he left and the other after two and a half hours. they are “still shut off”.

the couple police were searching for , say they were friends of perdomo . they apparently bought a new car , asked for directions to walmart , to leave their old car there and said they had an emergency in florida.Nowak is said to have a criminal history and she is angry about people leaving messages on her facebook page. if you are the missing man’s friend, you should be helping to find him, not complaining about facebook…

i don’t understand what these people are saying. did the phone company coincidentally shut off the phones, when Jerry went missing, because she didn’t pay the bill? and which walmart did Porter and Nowak ask directions for;the one  where Jerry’s car was found?

Michelle Parker

Dale Smith has filed to get  the child support back, he has paid, the state into a trust, since michelle went missing.he really has a lot of nerve. the poor sociopath doesn’t have a clue as to how a normal person thinks.. hello, dale, you just gave the prosecutor the number one reason you murdered michelle: good for you..also, you are making it look like michelle isn’t coming back.do you know something, we don’t know.you should be worried about when you will be arrested and you will be.it just sometimes takes a while, because the laws seem to be made for you, the sociopath.i would say you should be worrying about your children, but it’s very clear you don’t care about them, or you wouldn’t have taken  their mother, away , from them.

jerry sandusky was just allowed to see his grandchildren, with one parent present and the judge said he can sit outside and watch children at the elementary school and neighbor children.josh powell was allowed visitation, and now they are dead. again, the laws are made for the criminals.it appears that crime does pay.