Jesse Davis jail call pt1: i hate you/i hate you more

the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.every third word out of patricia hall’s mouth is a curse word and her son , jesse brandon davis also and the same curse word. she seemed so beaten and soft spoken,in her news interviews going on at the same time as these jail house phone calls.she is no stranger to the system.she knows what’s what.she apparently has read many warrants in her day. she told jesse davis that he isn’t getting bail. she knows defense attorneys and public defenders and which one she likes and wants for him.the most disgusting thing about patricia ‘s comments ;it is very clear she hates the police; they are trying to pin this on her son.they only care about this, because it is a high profile murder.i wouldn’t be suprised if he is the way he is because of his mother.she thinks  it’s alright for her son to murder someone if it isn’t high profile. and he thinks he can do whatever he wants, murder everyone because he is smarter than everyone else, and no one will catch him.disgusting and every time they play i love you, i love you more, i want to say i hate you , i hate you more.

jesse spends all of his time worried,trying to learn what the police know about the cady way murders and no time talking about donovan dirocco.hello, you’re in jail for shooting donovan dirocco 6 competent ,master manipulator tries to get his mother  to give him an alibi , to say he was in pensacola with  chico, megan , pat and angie. he thought he was going to get 5 people to say he was somewhere else. angie isn’t going to be saying this. mr. nobody’s fool tells angie to get a new phone number, so the police can’t bother her.they really do  not like the police and there is only one reason, for that.

his father never gets on the phone. i wonder if he is the person watching tv or listening to we are the champions, so loud and never turning the sound down. your son is in jail for attempted murder and will soon be for 2 additional murders and the calls cost a fortune , but you can’t turn off the tv.

“we are the champions
my friend and we’ll keep on
fighting til the end”


Jesse Davis mastermind philosopher jail phone call

you expect to hear some dumb guy , as dave letterman would say, after all of the psychiatrists say he is barely above being mentally challenged, except one. the experts made their comments, before hearing the  jailhouse phone calls. can’t wait to hear what they say after listening.this is no dumb guy.his mind is working overtime, in this 15 minute conversation with mom, angie and carl.

he is so full of love. over and over to his mother; i love you ,love you more… translation watch my back.he doesn’t love anyone but himself. he has the exact words of a wife beater, to his girlfriend angie: if i didn’t love you so much…. hate comes out , because i love you.i wouldn’t get upset if i didn’t love you.also he is a philosopher.he explains the philosophy of love and hate to angie…how there is a thin line. apparently, he was a little bit upset, because he wanted to get his and hers tattoos and she didn’t.she wanted to take care of his mother .it sounded like he had done something to his mother, mentally or physically, but we don’t know that. he also philosophises about how he could not forget his girlfriend to her.then he explains his philosophy of running from the police. that is not something  you would do in flip flops.he also shows that he knows what an unmarked car is… sociopaths , criminals know what unmarked cars look like.that is way beyond incompetent.he is in the mind of others,i don’t know if he is talking about a baby or a pet, but he knows how they think. he tells angie , that they know what is going on, because they can look at her or his mother and tell. also, he is checking out the bible, like a normal criminal  does in jail.and incompetent people use terms like bargaining tools,when discussing ways to hire  a good defense attorney.

he may get evil ideas from movies. he references two, within 15 minutes:carlito’s way to his friend carl and jesse james, to angie. he wants angie to become an outlaw and break him out of jail.also, his mind is working overtime on what to do , like sell his truck and other thoughts in code, about obtaining enough money for a good lawyer.patricia hall is very angry the police are trying to “pin this on her son”. angela isn’t at home anymore washing his clothes ,thinking he will walk in the door.she is witness number 1.when he pointed a gun at her , the night he murdered jeremy and nicholas ,i guess that was because he loved her, also.

Don’t marry anyone named Peterson

if  you  marry scott peterson, you will end up like lacy and conner and stacy and kathleen savio if you marry drew peterson or kathleen and elizabeth ratliff if you marry michael peterson or he wants your children.

but seriously,if our laws were not made for the criminals, drew and michael would have been in prison ,after they murdered the first person and if there were enough prisons.

haleigh cummings would be alive,if misty croslin,her brothers, her mother, her father,her sister in laws, ron cummings, his mother, her boyfriend.. let’s just say almost everyone ron knows…

if jesse brandon davis was in prison where he belonged, he would not have shot donovan dirocco 6 times or murdered jeremy stewart and nicholas presha.if people were in prison where they belonged, there would not be 1700-1900 gang members in orlando.if there were enough prisons willie henderson, who had 27 pages of crimes over the last 20 years, would not have been out and able to rape and strangle a woman.and no one would have murdered john brennan 22 hours ago;but we don’t know that yet,or do we.

John Brennan murdered by 5 masked men

wednesday around 4 am, 5 masked men broke into the home ,while the family was sleeping.they kicked in the is thought to rob the family. they pistol whipped the 15 year old son and when the father tried to protect his wife, these no good ,evil terrorists shot john brennan to death.they escaped in what is thought to be a silver and green nissan,without taking anything.they will be found and spend the rest of their lives in prison or on death row.

please call crimeline at 407 823-TIPS with information about the murder. the neighbors say it is a quiet neighborhood. maybe they are in denial or wishful thinking, because the orlando sentinel says “sheriff’s office records show a number of break ins this past year”.

John Brennan was loved by everyone and always had a he is dead . his wife Marietta ,in shock. their other, older, 2 children will be home soon and all their lives are ruined for nothing.we will probably soon see a list a mile long of all the crimes these murderers have committed and should have been in jail for already…i hope marietta can someday find peace , in knowing how much her husband loved her.

Terry Guerrier 1 800 423 TIPS

Terry Guerrier did not live to celebrate his 27th birthday, so family and friends used this day to try, to get information on his murder. OPD gave out flyers. if anyone has information about the march 4th shooting , after leaving club LAX, please call crimeline at 1 800 423- TIPS. a 5000.00 reward is being offered.

Patrick Wilkey admits he murdered Laura Hunt

patrick wilkey spent 8 minutes strangling laura hunt to death, with his hands.the poor guy said it wasn’t like it is in the movies,his thumbs hurt:it took too apparently people do get their evil ideas from the movies. then he put a belt around her neck,in case she woke up.he is vacant of empathy. can you imagine her pain  and not being able to breathe for 8 minute, but the poor monster hurt his thumbs.she told her mother, he said he would kill her if she ever left him. she left him a week earlier.after he murdered laura , he took her car and used her credit card to buy gas,put her in the trunk and as NG would say , he dumped her  body ,like trash, in the woods….just like casey anthony dumped caylee in the woods. they love to do that,’s in their play book.

laura’s family thank the police for finding her murderer so fast and want “donations to be made to local parks and recreation departments”, because she “loved nature and animals”, according to the ledger.

Drive by shootings in cars

instead of  on horses; that’s the main difference in orlando and the wild west. earlier today they shot at a halfway house , for federal inmates who had 6 months to a year left on their sentences,hit a worker inside, then set their car on fire.

doreen dufresne tried to hire someone to kill her husband. yesterday it was  said her first husband killed himself.then they reported he killed himself by taking antifreeze slowly over time. now police are going to investigate the first husband’s death. today, they report the ME said no the case is closed, unless someone asks them to reopen…has anyone ever in the history of the world killed themself slowly by drinking antifreeze over time, slowly torturing  themself ?hello, she just tried to kill this husband.

poor casey anthony must feel so left out of the news,with all of these new murder cases every day she decided to announce she wants to be baptised. that got her a 7 second mention on tv.

when you sign the petition to arrest zimmerman , it says trayvon martin  once saved his father’s life.zimmerman and his family are in hiding as he has had many death threats. now, everyone is screaming to take his gun away.

Are we ever more than 500 feet from crime/ Universal Orlando

saturday night a tourist found a man in his car,manuel ceballos, 21 years old.he tackled ceballos to the ground , and waited for police. a car came by and asked the wife of the tourist for the black bag ceballos had.

inside this bag , police find 6 credit cards stollen at universal in 6 seperate incidents.i am looking at this parking garage just outside the hotel window.

even worse, every day you hear of terrible car accidents, where people die.people are always going the wrong way and drunk, but some involve cars landing on the roads below the road , on which they were traveling .you can’t possibly live, if that happens.i thought that only happened in nightmares or horror they decided to change a ramp to the opposite side of the road where it had always been and i thought that will cause even more accidents.walgreens has a one waystreet.two cars passed me one day  going the wrong way when i went into walgreens and two more going the wrong way, when i came out of walgreens.

earlier today, a 3 year old, Gabriel Jones, was killed in a 3 car accident.last tuesday, Brandon Lee Bradley crashed into a ditch after he murdered Deputy Barbara Pill a beloved police officer, for 3 decades, wife,mother of 2 officers and mother in law of crime scene technician….the crash allowed police to capture him and his girlfriend Kerchner.Bradley had stolen funiture from a hotel. he had 4 warrants for his arrest , but he used his brother’s ID to get out of jail. he  should  never have been walking the streets.

universal orlando/are we ever more than 500 feet from crime/ Terry Guerrier

there is an expression , you are never more than 5 feet from a spider. i am wondering if we are ever more than 500 feet from a crime here in orlando.march 4  around  2;30 am Terry Guerrier, 26 was murdered , shot in his car by universal and international gunshot went into the best western lobby.

had i been in my hotel ,i would have been 500 feet from flying bullets, but i was in the hospital.i just signed a form and the nurse said she was going to get a soon as she closed the door everyone started screaming lock down the hospital, no one goes in or out.this just happened on general hospital, when robin scorpio was apparently blown up in the hospital lab. i didn’t think that was happening.second thought was someone wanted to steal 3;30 the nurse came back and said someone was ill.wait this is a hospital, everyone is 5 am the news came on and they said someone dropped off a dead body at dr. phillips hospital at 2;30 am and the hospital was locked down.

Before Terry Guerrier was murdered 3/4/12, two of his friends,Oliza and Dorceus were murdered on christmas ,in 2 different places.four people have been arrested, but no one has been arrested for killing Terry Guerrier yet. the police need the help of the public. there was an altercation earlier that night at club LAX between Terry’s production company  and  another production company.

Gloria Helfrich murdered

If you look up sociopath or soprano in the dictionary, you will find a picture of jasper smiddle.according to fox news,jasper smiddle hated his uncle and wanted to kill him, but decided it would hurt his uncle more to kill his grandmother. after he murdered her, he was not only able to eat dinner , but also eat with his uncle , while his grandmother was dead in the other room.

abc believes he was using his grandmother’s credit cards.he sounds like casey anthony’s twin brother.a friend, charles glem fled with smiddle. glem said we might think jasper is a psychopath, but he thinks of jasper as his friend with some issues.

smiddle’s grandmother took him in and took care of  him, when no one else did.