Dolores Krise 75 attacked at Walmart

Another orange county shopping  horror tale at walmart happened sunday. the victim was thrown on the ground, her purse ripped away and threatened with a gun in the parking lot.she believes these criminals are looking for weak elderly people to rob.

Walmart  is offering an escort to your car.i would rather wait, until they begin delivering groceries to your hotel , home or vacation will be at the naked guy walmart, in PA.

The camden apartments are complaining about all of the crime at their complex. the police have been called there, 193 times this year, but the police don’t think that is unusual.that should be the crime, that that isn’t unusual.i think i  have spent more time with the police, than the lawbreakers,  6 times,in 3 months…

Gloria Helfrich

One hour away , from the happiest place , on earth yesterday, jasper aristotle smiddle murdered his grandmother in the most horrifying, despicable way. i wish she died after the first stabbing and didn’t feel the unimaginable pain of being tortured by her own grandson, stabbed 93 times,hit in the face with a wrench and shot with a crossbow. i hope he suffers every minute of his life. i don’t even want to hear whatever disgusting excuse his defense attorney,probably jose baez  could make..he told his father , who turned him over, to  authorities.Eleven days ago a dr from another country asked me what is wrong with everyone? why are they all being so mean?that was before this happened.

i wonder how the judge, who ordered susan powell’s sons to have visits at their father’s house is sleeping tonight and why

 no one is at dale smith’s house taking his children away…it is the same exact thing, except dale is the number 1 suspect in murdering their mother and the children were taken away from their grandmother’s home, the only home they knew and dale is violent in public,a criminal…his violence is well known here. on local news tonight, they called josh powell ,only a person of interest. are they kidding?do they think he is able to sue them for calling him the suspect?