haiku television seven not michael bevan

“sorry i’m just about
to enter sprinkle city
got a problem”

Cap’n Holt / Brooklyn-99
“beautiful woman
with a lot to offer
shall we make an offer”

Modern Family

“the only coupon
i want is unlimited
leave me alone time”

The Middle

“but safety concerns
went out the window two
apple juices ago”

Sheldon afraid of potty on plane
“how long does it take
for a birthday cake to fly
to san francisco”

“if your father wants lunch
tell him i left a dollar
in his wallet”

Gracie Allen

“i don’t want a nap
i don’t need a nap and
i’m not taking a nap”

The Millers
“you would know that what
i’m going to do is
exactly the answer”

Blue Bloods

“you’re calling me a
heartless dictator or MOM”
“exactly the same”

Everybody Loves Ray

“yeah debra and i
have always dreamed of having
a marriage like you”

Ray to Marie
“i’m going to be
mrs. luke spencer again”
“made me work for that”

General Hospital

“temporary tattoos
can save a child’s life
tonight at eleven”

news in haiku

GH 50th Anniversary Haiku

tango anna duke
faison is locked away
mikos freezing world.

her goons are lovers
helena murdered hundreds
yet hardly in jail.

once in a lifetime
delights in psychopathy
destroy luke laura.

she’s a piece of work
would even shoot her grandson
someone just kill her.

frisco felicica
w.s.b. and d.v.x.
married in real life.

reena and ned too
demi moore bacame famous
so did mcgyver.

blackey john stamos
louann poovy scooty’s mom
everyone gets shot.

gloria stivik
she played a mob princess
always kissing luke.

children grow up fast
literally losing years
in single week-end.

no watching tv
unless a special report

everyone will die
water sword famine sorrow
then return to life.

as themselves or twin
identical cousins too
yet believeable.

identical duke
you had to love faison’s mask
melting everywhere.

please bring robin back
evil docs german accents
luke even sprechens.

3 pm daily
50 heartbreaking sad years
confusing new time.