come by me sunshine

my grandmother said
wherever my father goes
the sun always shines.

“Come By Me” II

“you get excited

be my sunshine forever

we could run away”.

“smile like the sunrise

let me tell you i’m the type

anything i want”.
universal orlando friday’s
salted caramel

delights tongue of waitresses

they make you try cake.

caramel candy

since haloween’s beginning

red apples dipped.

the informant , a haiku

(market today)

bailout in cypress

not the informant cypress

instead the island.
( the movie, the informant)

game stealing millions

after prison COO

cramer recommend?

and a jazz haiku
“Come By Me”

“talk to me baby

see we might fit together

be a friend of mine”.
because only 3 people in the world will understand this, whitacre, cramer and harry connick jr, i will explain.maybe not even that many.

mark whitacre from the movie, the informant went to prison : 8.6 years for wire fraud, tax fraud, money laundering, stealing millions…he worked for ADM (archer daniels midland).

now , he is the COO and president of cypress systems. a few years ago, jim cramer suggested buying cypress…mark couldn’t tell the truth ,if his life depended on it, at least in the movie. now, he has his own company..chance to do much worse, (but maybe that’s what ceo’s and coo’s do)…i am not BUYING and not recommending you BUY this.

*but you can BUY harry connick : “come BY (buy) me”.