aunt sis hopkins

why my father called her sis hopkins, i don’t grandmother called her vaccinated with a phonograph needle.
i called her aunt semmie.
she left 600,000 .00 to each of her 5 sisters & brothers or their family,which turned out to be, 10 nieces & nephews.

the funny part begins: she drove a pontiac i am in a photo with , when i was 7 & she had the same car 30 years later.she left my brother , my sister & i 200,000 each.she had to have at least 6 million dollars, before taxes were taken out at 55% .i think it was because my father bought her stock, because she couldn’t have made that workng at mr. shirt with him: This was his hobby. he retired when i was one & took me to the stock market every day for a year, but then bought a men’s shirt store.

one day i asked aunt semmie when she was 83 , why she didn’t buy a dishwasher? my father bought my grandmother this house many years before i was born & aunt semmie’s husband died before i was born, so she lived was apparently built before dishwasher & washers & dryers. every sunday after shoneys or ihop, sunday school, wendy’s or hardees , my father & i went to visit.i walked across the street with her to the laundromat and asked why she didn’t have a washer then , but years later i found out you can wire the house for these things.
so i ask the question again & she said miss worry, “don’t you think if i wanted one i would buy one”.
NO i don’t.shortly after this question, a brain tumor from cigarettes caused her to leave over 6 million dollars to her nieces & nephews.


“All Blues”

“sea and sky and you
and I all blues,some blues
are sad some are glad”.

jacuzzi raccoon

jacuzzi raccoon

peeking from behind the tree

wants to join us.

out in the sunshine

better not let him get in

may have a fever.


“country girl (shake it for me)”
luke bryan

“in the georgia mud

country girl shake it for me

make me fall in love”

“come on over here

shake it for the squirrels

get in my arms”

“you give me fever” eddie cooley & otis blackwell

“never know how much

i’m gonna treat you right

all through the night”

only 33 years now O.J.

o.j. would like a
new trial because he didn’t
get to testify.
if he takes the stand
he will be receiving
sixty six years to life.
diana krall jazz haiku:
“Let’s Face the music and dance”

“may be tear drops shed <—( by O.J.)
let's face the music and dance
humming a different tune"

hamantaschen,wally cleaver and nat king cole

“Love Prune”

i didn’t love him

man brought me hamantaschen

it was raspberry.


wally cleaver:

“it’s not so bad talking

to girls when you talk to them

like they’re a guy”.

nat king cole:
“Gee Baby Ain’t I Good to You”

“love makes me treat you
baby ain’t i good to you
the way that i do”

bought you a fur coat
love makes me treat you the way
big cadillac car”.

come by me sunshine

my grandmother said
wherever my father goes
the sun always shines.

“Come By Me” II

“you get excited

be my sunshine forever

we could run away”.

“smile like the sunrise

let me tell you i’m the type

anything i want”.
universal orlando friday’s
salted caramel

delights tongue of waitresses

they make you try cake.

caramel candy

since haloween’s beginning

red apples dipped.

The colors at sea

“The colors at Sea”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
sun shining on you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
sail away to happiness~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
on a sea of blue.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
clouds of puff pastry~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
melted butter sunshine streaks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
bright light hungers through.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jazz Haiku : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“DRIFT AWAY”: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
” i wanna get lost~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
the people that freed your soul~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
in your rock n roll”.


“They Melt In Your Mouth”
Yum blue M&M’s
What will they think of next
Purple Cadbury eggs.
The wedding planner
Likes brown M&M’s because
No food coloring.
Little people every color
Ringing bell partying
In your mouth.
Nat King Cole
“Honey and the bee
My understanding Candy
Make her mine all mine”.